Surely the progressive ideological utopia across the pond is more lenient when it comes to the convenient disposal of unborn human life, right? RIGHT?!

Not quite.

Though they constantly bemoan laws that make abortion-on-demand more difficult, the progressive abortion paradise is actually in the United States, where laws are significantly less stringent than those of most Western European countries.

Elisha Kraus reports for Prager University:

Texas is a favorite target of the pro-infanticide crowd, who would probably be shocked to know that in Germany, all abortions are illegal after twelve weeks. Even those within the permitted twelve week time-frame require a three-day waiting period and mandatory counseling. Mandatory waiting periods and no outrage brigade. Must be nice. And yeah, Germany’s abortion laws are more restrictive than Texas.

In the good ol’ U.S. of A., abortions are legal in every state up to a horrifying twenty weeks. Meanwhile, the Netherlands imposes a mandatory five-day waiting period for abortions before the twelve-week marker and requires counseling that includes options like carrying the baby to term and adoption. Under eighteen and want an abortion? You’ll need parental consent for that in the Netherlands.

Western European countries might not get it right on all policy fronts, but they seem to universally accept abortion as a much more serious decision than American Progressives are willing to consider.

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