I don’t know if this is coordinated [update – yes it is, see below], or just Ted Cruz doing what he thinks is best to keep Trump from 1237 delegates, but it’s the BREAKING NEWS of tonight:

Kasich has been taking delegates in more liberal states from Trump. So contrary to the one-on-one theory, it may be better to have both Kasich and Cruz in the race dividing up responsibilties. It’s a recognition that failure — since the beginnig of the primary season — to coordinate against Trump may result in Trump’s plurality of votes resulting in a majority of delegates because it turns out the system is “rigged” in Trump’s favor.


The campaigns apparently have coordinated the effort.

Does this mean a possible “unity ticket” at the convention to Stop Trump? Hard to see that, since neither Kasich nor Cruz seems like a person to take the second spot.

They each think they have a path to victory on the second or third or fourth ballots at the convention, but they don’t get to that unless they stop Trump on the first ballot.


This may be a very rational move by Cruz, since Kasich was not getting out:

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