It was going to be yuge.

There was going to be a march on the Colorado State Capitol the likes of which had not been seen before, reflecting seething anger among voters over Ted Cruz “stealing” Colorado in a “voterless” process.

It was pure media manipulation based on a lie spread by Trump and his campaign about how the Colorado process worked.

And it was aided and abetted by Trumpmedia, that hyperbolic group of formerly conservative websites and media personalities who are riding the Trump horse.

Turns out the massive rally didn’t get thousands, not even hundreds. A few dozen showed up.

I feel sad for the people who showed up. They probably are good people who legitimately are frustrated with the direction of the country and the leadership of the Republican Party. Their pain and anger is real, but they are being played as pawns in Trump and Trumpmedia’s game.

They deserve better than Donald Trump and Trumpmedia. Someday they will realized how they have been manipulated, and will be angrier still.

Here’s the video of the livestream, in case you think the photos above of small crowds are part of the conspiracy against Trump:

Looks like there were almost as many photographers as protesters:


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