The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email account and home-brewed server won’t be wrapping up anytime soon. Nor is the Democratic convention a consideration in the timeliness of the investigation.

NBC reported FBI Director James Comey’s remarks Thursday afternoon:

Asked about the case today at a security conference in London, he said, “Somebody asked me if the Democratic National Convention is a hard stop or a key date for you? Are you doing this aimed at that? And I said, no.

“We aspire to do all our investigations in two ways — well and promptly, especially investigations that are of great interest to the public. We want to do them promptly.

“I get that people care about this investigation, and so we’re working very hard to ensure it’s well and promptly. But as between the two, if we have to choose, we will do it well. But again we aspire to do it well and promptly.”

Comey repeated what he has said before, that he is “personally close to this investigation, because I want to ensure that we have the resources, the people, the technology, and the space to do those things, and to do it in the way I hope we do all our work, which is competently, honestly, and independently. And I’m confident that it’s being done that way.”

Earlier this year, reports indicated 147 FBI agents were assigned to Clinton’s case who were, “hurrying to avoid announcing any action in the case too close to the presidential election.”

Cruising through the primary and possibly the convention without a clue as to when or if the FBI might take action could be disastrous for Hillary’s campaign. Beyond the campaign implications, should the FBI conclude their investigation and find cause for indictment after the Democratic National Convention, the Democratic party may be left scrambling for a presidential nominee — one not elected by one single delegate.

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