Last night was the night Mr. Donald J. Trump took a big step towards a first ballot win. As abhorrent at that result may be, there’s no sense deluding ourselves.

Trump still isn’t there, however, and isn’t yet on a trajectory to be there. But he’s a lot closer as a result of small Republican electorates in northeast blue states which will vote Democrat in the general election.

California will decide the fate of the Republican nomination process. Who could have predicted that?

Perhaps recognizing what a Trump nomination means, RNC Chair Reince Priebus appealed last night for party unity. My response was to state the obvious, the Party is over.

If Trump is the nominee, one-third of the Party walks. If Cruz or someone else is the nominee, one-third of the Party walks.

Ted, don’t capitulate to the new media narrative that we have a presumptive Republican nominee, because that is capitulating to disaster.

Unless and until 1237 delegates to the Republican convention cast their vote on the floor of the convention for a particular candidate, there is no nominee. “Presumptive” means nothing.

I hope Cruz manages to keep Trump from a first ballot victory, and then pulls out a second or third or fourth or whatever ballot win. Not for himself, and certainly not for the Republican Party.

It’s about country. And our individual liberty, to which both Mr. Donald J. Trump and Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton represent existential threats, each in their own special personal ways.

A Trump versus Hillary general election is lose-lose.

So fight on Ted. To the end.

UPDATE 11:15 p.m.: Always nice to have Mark Levin comment on air about one of my posts:


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