Ted Cruz has a major announcement at 4 p.m. today. We will turn a video feed live at that time.

Reports are emerging that he will announce that Carly Fiorina will be his running mate:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will announce on Wednesday afternoon that former presidential rival Carly Fiorina has agreed to be his running mate should he win the GOP presidential nomination.

Sources confirmed to WMUR political director Josh McElveen and political reporter John DiStaso that Fiorina, who has been a supporter of Cruz for several weeks, will be the focus of the announcement that Cruz intends to make in Indiana Wednesday afternoon….

Should Cruz survive Indiana, California’s primary is key on June 7. Fiorina is viewed as a potential asset to Cruz in California, where she won a U.S. Senate primary in 2010 before losing to Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer in the general election.

This would be a viable pick for Cruz. Fiorina proved effective at hitting both Trump and Hillary.

She never was able to turn those performances into electoral gain, but she would help in California.

We will updates as more in known.



Expect Fiorina immediately to start going after Trump. Will Trump take the bait? Will be hard for him to resist more derogatory comments about Fiorina’s face. Poking the bear would be the strategy.

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