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Branco Cartoon – Unruly Mob

Branco Cartoon – Unruly Mob

and Unconventional Wisdom

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assemblerhead | April 4, 2016 at 7:29 am

On the mark,as usual. Excellent.

I always laugh when people tell me they think Cruz will be the nominee over Trump. The establishment hates both men with a passion. I’d wager they hate Cruz MORE than Trump. The only difference is Trump is the bigger threat at the moment. The GOPe won’t allow either of them to be the nominee if they can help it.

At best we’ll get John Kasich crammed down our throats. At worst it’ll be Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney part 3.

Oy! Spot on Branco. The GOP is just that bad, isn’t it!?
BTW, I just learned that George Soros is donating money to John Kasich. Boy, oh boy, oh boy, are we in trouble this election.

Branco? It That Jeb! Behind The Mask?

He forgot one detail: a ‘Win with Hillary’ button on and stolen money falling out the corrupt elephant’s shorts.