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Appropriate This!

Appropriate This!

Bill Whittle responds to social justice warrior crybullies.

Bill Whittle’s new Firewall video is inspired by a recent incident at San Francisco State University which we also wrote about.

As usual, Whittle does an outstanding job of dismantling the left and exposing them for the hypocrites they are.

Here’s a partial transcript via Truth Revolt:

Firewall: Appropriate This!

Well, “Cultural Appropriation” is the latest form of combat used by Social Justice Warriors: a term used by crybullies to describe themselves as fighters against prejudice and privilege. They are the first warriors in history to burst into tears and require weeks of therapy at the mere sight of an actual weapon.

There is only one area where these progressive milliennials are not only allowed but encouraged to compete, and that is the struggle to see who can be the biggest victim and win the Virtue Signaling Silver Cup by being most sensitive to racial and gender injustice.

Cultural Appropriation is the idea that White Males have stolen various elements of minority and female culture and used them for their own benefit without acknowledging or appreciating the suffering of the offended party.

It’s everywhere, but the best example – so far – is a video shot at San Francisco State University, where a black student confronts a white student who is culturally appropriating African-American dreadlocks. Let’s watch, shall we?

As a Straight White Male, I see these feminists and students of color appropriating my White Male culture every day. When I think of them walking around in blue jeans, using electricity to light their dorm rooms, or to run their microwave ovens so they can eat non-Anglo-Saxon food… well, frankly, it makes me sick. They sit there using their smart phones to write about Social Injustice and then use the internet to post it on Facebook and Twitter, and as a white male I find this incredibly offensive.

There’s much more and you can watch it all below:

Whittle left out one thing. The modern university, in which so many of these social justice warriors thrive, traces its origins to ancient Europe which, at the time, was whiter than a Bernie Sanders rally.

Other than that, Whittle is spot on. He does a pretty good Irish accent too.

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legacyrepublican | April 12, 2016 at 3:13 pm

Odds are that the left will ban this video for using appropriate reasons.

I don’t think the video is very effective. If you didn’t watch, it lists a bunch of inventions that social justice warriors have culturally appropriated for themselves.

People are inconsistent, that’s how the real world works.

And talking about cultural appropriation like it’s some legitimate complaint that needs counter arguments just gives the term awareness and respectable.

I’ve noticed that people who debate by pointing out hypocrisy tend to lose their debates.

So, since Whittle is not so bold, I’ll point out what is really going on: SJWs are working towards a convergence where they keep and hold existing institutions. This isn’t “hypocrisy,” it’s a pure totalitarian power play.

    Sanddog in reply to rotten. | April 12, 2016 at 3:46 pm

    If you ignore the actions of the SJW’s, thinking they’re no big deal…or unbelievably silly, you’re going to wake up one morning and find them firmly established in American culture. This kind of garbage needs to be stamped out before it gains traction. One of the ways of dealing with it is with ridicule.

      rotten in reply to Sanddog. | April 12, 2016 at 3:58 pm

      Ridicule works.

      But Ridiculing their ideas just spreads their ideas, especially since there is transparently no substance to these ideas.

      A bunch of people who see Wittle’s video, perhaps a minority, will learn another set of terms they can use to demand stuff. And a bunch of people on the right will respond the way Wittle did, in a way that doesn’t de-legitimize the demand for stuff.

      IWittle should instead take the ridicule directly to the SJWs and ridicule them. Since many SJWs are dysfunctional or ill, like the recently fired feminist SJW at Nintendo who was a prostitute on the side, there’s a lot to work with and route will be much more effective.

      SJW’s aren’t a problem because they are inconsistent or ignorant, they are a problem because they are totalitarians.

    Paul in reply to rotten. | April 12, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    “…talking about cultural appropriation like it’s some legitimate complaint that needs counter arguments just gives the term awareness and respectable.” Huh? What I heard was scathing sarcasm pointing out how patently illegitimate such a complaint is.

    “If all of this sounds petty, and ridiculous, and utterly barking mad to you…” then you were paying attention at about the 3:38 mark. Otherwise you were jumping to ill-gotten conclusions.

I’ve said it before…

Whittle is a national treasure.

One of his best ones.

We need to get “Participated” ribbons made up and hand them out at every protest.
Once they get their ribbon they’d probably leave to spend a few hours of selfie taking and Facebook posting.

Economist Thomas Sowell wrote a trilogy of books – “Race and Culture”, “Migrations and Cultures” and “Conquests and Culture: an international History” that address that cultures change, many times because of exposure to other cultures.

Char Char Binks | April 13, 2016 at 3:09 pm

I love it, but I fear this video will convince exactly zero liberals, lefties, and SJWs.

How dare they speak English in my presence!?!