Indiana has become contentious territory in the Republican primary elections. 57 delegates will go to Tuesday’s Republican primary winner. No splitting here — Indiana is a winner-take-all state.

For Cruz to have a chance of keeping Trump from the necessary 1,237 delegates, he must win Indiana.

Naturally, the airwaves are full of PAC ads questioning Trump’s credentials, background, and pretty much everything else.

Our Principles PAC released a new ad Friday and has devoted $2 million to their anti-Trump efforts in Indiana.

Make America Awesome! also has a new ad out:

Meanwhile, the Cruz campaign released two ads targeting Trump’s recent “bathroom” comments.

This one:

And this one:

Indiana’s Governor, Mike Pence, endorsed Ted Cruz for president Friday afternoon.

Real Clear Politics’ average has Trump up by just over 2 points, but trends have Cruz climbing in the polls while Trump’s number have steadily declined.

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