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A small SuperPAC founded and run by Liz Mair did a mailer in Utah showing a public photo of Melania Trump from a magazine shoot 15 or so years ago.

I have to say, Melania looked marvelous in the shoot. It’s almost — almost — enough to make some anti-Trumpers reconsider.

But it was a completely sleazy tactic attempting to “slut shame” Melania.

Mair, who was fired from the Walker presidential SuperPAC early on for insulting Iowa voters, is not known as a Cruz fan, though obviously now she prefers anyone to Trump. But there is no indication the Cruz campaign had any involvement.

Trump reacted with two tweets attacking Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi. The first of which was deleted to add some additional language.

Here was the first, deleted tweet.

Here was Donald’s second tweet.

What’s the difference? Trump added “lyin’ Ted”

Cruz responded on Twitter

And Heidi responded when asked questions by the press:

I think there’s big difference between going after an opposing candidate, and an opposing candidate’s wife. Cruz never went after Melania, and unless there’s some proof the campaign was connected to Mair’s sleazy ploy, Cruz can’t be blamed.

This also isn’t a situation similar to Bill Clinton, who has been a political figure himself for decades. Also, Heidi was not attacked by Trump for public positions she has taken or statements she has made, but for allegedly having some secret Trump threatens to expose.

Trump’s threat may not technically fit the legal definition of extortion or blackmail, but it certainly was extortionate in nature.

Given Trump’s general demeanor, it says more about Trump than about Ted or Heidi Cruz.

Most important, it demonstrates once again why voters should be worried about Trump’s character and fitness to control the IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.

UPDATE 3-24-2016 — There he goes again.


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