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Those were the days, my friend

Those were the days, my friend

From Jim,

spotted at Lake Mary, Fl Starbucks.


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Maybe I missed it. Did the bumper sticker photo I sent in make it to a post.

It says: f*ck it. Trump 2016.

    The prof gets tons of these photos, so a lot don’t make it right away (or even at all). Back when I was doing the Empty Chair posts, we couldn’t use all the great photos sent in, either. There were just too many! LI is fantastic in terms of having an involved readership, and we truly appreciate the photos sent in.

I miss the ’80s too. The where such happy days. 🙂

The Reagan – Bush bumper sticker would obviously raise the value of the car at an Antique Car Show but an even better idea is for someone to offer the stickers for sale during the general election if Trump gets the nominations.

We Conservatives need an alternative to New York Liberal politics but barring that, we need happy memories to cheer and a win in all states except Minnesota (and DC, of course) works for me.