By now you likely have heard of The Thing.

I’ve waited for some public comment from people allegedly involved in The Thing before posting anything about it, even though a couple of our commenters have done so in the comment section to other posts, and it’s going wild on Twitter.

The thing is about The Thing is that I don’t want to spread what might be false rumors, on the other hand, The Thing is now a thing on TV and elsewhere, so it can’t be totally avoided.

In the age of Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and many others, I’m hesitant to say The Thing is not a thing because even the National Enquirer has gotten someTHING right in the past.

The National Enquirer, though, carefully couched its reporting as there being rumors into which investigators are looking, not actually having evidence. It may have evidence, and it may just be doing a slow baited roll out getting people to commit publicly before revealing the evidence. Or it may have nothing but rumors, and is hoping the publicity draws out witnesses and other evidence.

There is a history of the National Enquirer actively trying to help Trump, and the Enquirer has endorsed Trump, but that background doesn’t necessarily change anyTHING as to this Thing.

Here are the public comments I’ve seen so far from people allegedly involved:



Trump Facebook Cruz National Enquirer 3-25-2016

(added, fwiw, Cruz’s former campaign spokesman)

When more is known about The Thing, I’ll opine on it.

If it turns out it is a lie, there will be a price to pay for the pro-Trump media people who have been spreading the alleged details with wild abandon. And if it is a lie, then it will end up helping Cruz because everyone will believe the story was planted by Trump people.

If it turns out to be true, then say hello either to nominee Trump, or an absolutely vicious convention beyond anything currently imaginable.

Where do I see this going politically?

If anyTHING happens to Cruz’s ability to deprive Trump of the nomination going into the convention, I think Jonah Goldberg has it right, Sides will have to be picked:

This ends in tears no matter what. Get over it and pick a side.

[Featured Image: The Thing trailer]


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