In his latest video, Bill Whittle offers a calm, reasoned analysis of the 2016 election so far. Although he doesn’t give any easy answers, he does a great job of allaying some of the anxiety many of us are feeling.

Whittle opens by describing how ancient map makers would mark uncharted waters with the words “Here be dragons” and carries the metaphor through his breakdown of an election unlike any in recent memory.

Starting with the Democrats, Whittle talks about Hilary’s email scandal and the ongoing FBI investigation. What will happen if she is indicted? No one knows. Could Biden step in? Will Democrats actually nominate Bernie? He points to the tech worker who was recently granted immunity and suggests that could be evidence of something bigger on the horizon.

On the Republican side, Whittle addresses the possibility of a brokered convention. What happens if the GOP denies the nomination to Donald Trump even if he’s the leader? What will Ted Cruz do? No one knows.

He addresses Trump’s high negative ratings but reminds us Hillary holds second place in that category. He also points out that Republicans have voter enthusiasm on their side while Democrats don’t.

Trump has done well with minority voters and appeals to many Democrats but at the same time has alienated many conservatives.

What does all of this mean for the 2016 election? Here be dragons.


Featured image via YouTube.