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My Spring Break!

My Spring Break!

Tampa rocks!

In My Mind:

In Reality:

Selfie Laptop

[Featured Image via The Best U.S. Spring Break Video]


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I hear in-coming…!!!

legacyrepublican | March 30, 2016 at 8:15 am

My good Professor, my Thinkpad is bigger than your Thinkpad. Just saying! 😉

Thanks for the video, Professor. Way better than all the Trumpies being Trumpies!

Now, ditch the computer, and hit the beach.

Definitely, ditch the computer and hit the beach!!

Hope you enjoy your stay here in Tamp0n. Watch out for affliction shirt clad south Tampa douchebags driving ford f 350’s on a 4 foot lift. I’m sure you’re on a beach and not in the city, hehe.

We know you can relax behind your computer as you already snagged the spectacular babe. Enjoy your trip!

The beaches to go to there (IN PINELLAS, Tampa SUCKS!):

Clearwater Beach
Treasure Island Beach (112th Ave)
Pass-A-Grill Beach (10th Ave)