A series of bomb attacks that rocked Belgium’s capital on Tuesday, targeting Brussels airport and subway system, has now claimed more than 34 lives. Police are still hunting for suspects and just like November’s deadly Paris terror attacks, the trail once again leads to the notorious Molenbeek district of Brussels.

Just last week, the Belgian Police nabbed Salah Abdeslam, the suspect of November’s Paris Attacks from this very suburb of Brussels. The fact that Europe’s most wanted terrorist could be hiding in the heart of Europe without being detected for 4 month, highlights the extend of the problem Belgium and Europe face in combatting Islamist terrorism.

Belgium, with a population of 11 million, has send 440 Islamists to fight on behalf of Isis in Syria and Iraq — highest per capita in Europe. Most of these Isis recruits come from Molenbeek district.

The troubles for Molenbeek began under the administration of district’s socialist mayor Philippe Moureaux, who ruled from 1992 till 2012. Under his reign the law and order collapsed, and businesses fled the district unable to cope with rising crime. The district with migrant Muslim population of about 40 percent, has since turned into a No-Go Zone for law enforcement.

President Obama has been quick to pounce of Senator Ted Cruz for his statement calling to “patrol and secure” neighbourhoods with large Muslim populations “before they become radicalized,” ignores the tragic reality of suburbs turning into ungovernable No-Go Zones across Europe.

But President Obama is not alone in his denial, European media and political class is unwilling to acknowledge the problem of Islamic radicalisation in their towns and cities.

Right after November’s Paris Attack the German broadcaster DW dispatched a reporter to Molenbeek district. Brushing aside the concerns that Brussels suburb had turned into an Islamist hub, the reporter compared the place to a hipster bar:

My first impression is that there are many Muslims here [Molenbeek]. Most have decided to live here because they are surrounded by people of the same faith. It is similar to when hipsters live in certain parts of cities where there are lots of other hipsters. It’s all about being part of a community.

If Europe’s migrant Muslims marinating in the hate of Jihadist theology are nothing more than a bunch of harmless hipsters than Isis recruits are probably out playing Boy Scouts. This dimwit ignorance of the threat of Racial Islam in Europe isn’t funny anymore, it is now turning deadly and costing lives.

The decline of Molenbeek is the story of a declining European civilisation. Proudly bearing the nickname of “Little Manchester,” the district was once at the heart of Europe’s mercantile success story at the advent of capitalism. Decades of Socialist misrule and unrestricted migration have turned the suburb into “Little Beirut” — a safe haven for Islamic terrorism.

President Obama attacked Senator Cruz’s proposal of securing Muslim neighbourhoods by calling it “un-American.” But the truth is, America can only avoid Europe’s fate by securing its neighbourhoods and empowering its law enforcement.

WATCH: “Call Brussels” campaign lunched by the city earlier this year to downplay Belgium’s rising Islamist problem

[Cover image courtesy iTele , YouTube screenshot]; [Author is Indian journalist based in Europe]


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