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Feds building case against “Climate Change Deniers”?

Feds building case against “Climate Change Deniers”?

Too bad the administration isn’t this passionate about fighting terror.

Don’t let it be said the Obama Administration doesn’t have it’s priorities in perfect progressive order.

And near the top of those priorities are dealing with “climate change deniers”.

Today’s forecast related to climate change insanity is grim, indeed. United State Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted her team has discussed the option of filing a lawsuit against the fossil fuel industry based on its handling of climate data gathered in the course of pursing business.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has considered taking legal action against climate change deniers.

The United States’ top lawyer told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that the Justice Department has ‘discussed’ the possibility of a civil lawsuit against the fossil fuel industry.

She said any information her office has received has been sent to the FBI in a bid to build a case.

The silver lining? That Lynch was straight-up honest about the effort, instead of denying the obvious and obfuscating the truth.

The dark side? That she isn’t embarrassed by her targeting of Americans who have different and reasonable theories based on real data that counter the politically correct piffle popular with the “consensus” believers.

Lynch’s action is the next step in the progressive-led hysteria likening the fossil fuel industry and its assertions about temperature data to the tobacco industry, which blatantly suppressed real evidence about actual health effects. I covered this topic last October, when two California congressmen asserted that ExxonMobile officals “hid” the knowledge that carbon dioxide causes climate change for over 27 years and used that data to try and get a competitive edge.

In fact, our state’s Attorney General is going forward with a formal investigation, which follows a similar probe by New York.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris has opened an investigation into whether Exxon Mobil Corp. concealed its knowledge about climate change from the public and investors, two months after a similar probe was launched by the New York attorney general.

Harris’ probe will investigate whether Exxon violated securities and environmental laws by concealing knowledge from investors of the risk climate change posed to the company, according to media reports. The move follows several reports that the company worked to cast doubt on climate change science even though Exxon scientists were aware of the role of fossil fuels in climate change as early as the 1970s.

The investigation will likely be similar to a probe launched in November by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who issued a subpoena ordering the energy giant to turn over documents related to its climate change knowledge. Schneiderman released a statement on Wednesday supporting Harris’ action.

Fortunately, there are many thoughtful and experienced scientists who will counter the climate-change drivel during the proceedings. However, I suspect that these depositions will not make elite media reports.

Meanwhile, the President is wrapping up the final year of his reign administration about the same way as he began it: With an apology tour. This time, our nation is guilty of causing global warming.

The U.S. and Canada are responsible to a great degree for causing the Earth’s temperature to rise and spurring climate change, President Obama said Thursday.

“In some ways, as wealthier countries, we can probably adapt and manage better,” Obama said in a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “On the other hand, we’re also those responsible for a lot of the carbon pollution that is causing climate change.”

If Obama, Lynch and Harris had pursued ISIS terrorists with this much vigor, then perhaps American’s wouldn’t have died during attacks in the homeland and Catholics wouldn’t be petitioning to have the slaughter of Middle Eastern Christians labeled as genocide.


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justicewarrior | March 12, 2016 at 12:41 pm

It is about time those who abuse freedom are called to account.

She’s a malignant tentacle of Obama/Jarrett, perhaps worse than Eric Holder, who was actually criminally culpable in some of his insane acts in high office.

Let’s not forget this lunatic Lynch threatened to prosecute speech ‘against’ muslims.

Most importantly, let’s not forget who allowed this lunatic to waltz into high office,completely unopposed: the GOPe.

Oppression and attendant violence orchestrated at the behest of Obama/Jarrett is taking a new height, witness Lynch’s fascistic ‘test balloons,’ unopposed by the corrupt and cowardly GOPe in the grotesque forms of McConnell and Ryan and Prebus.

Now, Obama/Jarret’s street violence to stop Trump – which is why you should support him more. (You know the old saw: after they come for Trump, they’ll come for you.)

Our government at work… Never forget who is actually in high office (or high in office.)

Keep an eye on Soros, Sharpton, Ayers and the rest of them. They’re the brownshirts and the industrialists to the wanna-be fhhrer in office.

Little things, like the little Hitler ditching Nancy Reagan’s funeral for another and petty event. This is one sick bastard going for a great, big hurrah on the way out – and one that just might preclude him from leaving.

Never forget who Obama is.

If Obama, Lynch and Harris had pursued ISIS terrorists with this much vigor…

Obo the Clown has said that Global Warmining causes terrorism; so if he just stops AGW, he’ll stop the terrorists, too. IOW, if you eliminate the deniers, you eliminate the terrorists.

Or something.

From the people who brought us the “final solution” (aka “abortion rites” or reactive parenthood)… The prophecy of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming will be fulfilled!

These totalitarian elites are here because of the “principled” conservatives who sat out the last election and thus voted for Obama by default.

A failure to vote against Bernie or Hillary is a vote for four more years of this regardless of whether it is Trump or Cruz on the ticket. The vote “For” part happens now during the primaries. Then, it is a vote against. We must stop these totalitarians and their relentless evil.

    redc1c4 in reply to TX-rifraph. | March 12, 2016 at 9:46 pm

    no one sat out the election… except Mittens, who ran just hard enough to get the nomination, then threw the election by not running against Obola.

    check the numbers: he got more votes than McLame, who threw the election in ’08.

    that’s why the GOPe’s picks this year (Jeb! Rubio, Kaisch, etc) are all tanking. the base is tired of Failure Theater.

1. discover for the defense will be quite interesting, and informative. i’m thinking those geniuses at DOJ haven’t really thought this “idea” all the say through…

2. that stupid cow should not be allowed to use the honorific “honorable” on her nameplate, since she is anything but that.

It’s as if she jumped out a comic book illustrated by Ayn Rand.

Methinks the boys in Exxon know how to play chess against THESE checkers players.

Remember when Bill Clinton took on MSFT and tried to force the company to break apart? Yeah- its kind of like that. The question is will they just pay her off in extortion money or pay the money to shift the pendulum in the other direction.

They probably abandoned this idea as soon as the realized the suing the “deniers” would give them (the “deniers”) an opportunity to put their science on public display in a high-visibility venue. The last thing the warmists want is the public in general becoming aware that AGW is not “settled science”, and that there is not only a vigorous scientific debate still going on, but that the warmists have been caught repeatedly jimmying their data in order to deliver conclusions that are fore-ordained.

However, this situation is like the government v. tobacco companies, only this time it is the government that is concealing and distorting the truth, along with its minions – the many scientists attached to the teat of government funding for their research.

Do people understand how incredibly stupid and dangerous lawsuits like this one are? First, if you assume global warming is real and is is primarily driven by CO2 levels in the atmosphere, then America cannot alter the trajectory of global CO2 levels by herself. Even if Europe joins into the effort, significant changes cannot be made for it is China and India who account for CO2 releases that are so large that they that dwarf any decrease America or Europe could accomplish.
Second, this possibility of litigating science absolutely destroys the scientific method. How can science function when one of the most basic tenets of science is to be skeptical, arguing back and forth experimental data and what it means, when you are facing jail time should you choose to argue the view that is deemed to be illegal?
Third, the potential for this lawsuit marks the end of an era, actually several eras. It marks the end to freedom of speech for I no longer can express my opinion as to what my experiment tells me. Worse yet is that I cannot even design an experiment that will provide data contrary to the legal viewpoint because this threat of a lawsuit, even jail time, makes it impossible to allow science to self correct. The overall result of this is to put into place a policy where we must continue to use theories and science that is flawed and will not work thereby wasting time and money and lowering everyone’s standard of living. By pursuing a lawsuit such as this one, the government is taking the position that they are the ones who now define what reality is and what reality we will live within and those who claim their version of reality to be different, no matter how obvious it might be, will be violating the law.
Anyone now care to discuss which party in the one representing and enabling anti-science?