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NYC Mayor de Blasio Credits Fewer Guns for More Stabbings

NYC Mayor de Blasio Credits Fewer Guns for More Stabbings

Average of ten stabbings a day in first six weeks of this year.

New York City mayor, Bill De Blasio, has taken a peculiar stance in his defense of the increase of stabbings in NYC; he asserts that these stabbings are the (positive?) result of fewer guns on the streets.

Fox5ny reports:

New York mayor Bill de Blasio is trying to put a positive spin on a recent rash of stabbings and slashings across the city.  He credits the NYPD taking guns off of the street.

“I’m not a criminologist but I can safely say that guns are being taken off the street in an unprecedented way.  Some people, unfortunately, are turning to a different weapon,” de Blasio says.

New Yorkers have been on edge because of a series of highly-reported attacks, including several seemingly random attacks on the subways.  The city was averaging more than 10 stabbing attacks a day in the first six weeks of the year.

The mayor claims that since there are so many fewer guns on the street, officers can now focus on criminals using knives and razors.

Only a month ago a relative of one of De Blasio’s former aides was charged in the stabbing death of a teen.

De Blasio’s “yay more stabbings!” spin seems particularly inappropriate.


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He’s an idiot.

I wonder IF there are fewer guns in New York City right now.

I wouldn’t credit that idiot with the truth in telling me the sky was blue.

They are stabbing victims.

Mayor Dinkins pushed more gun control after fatal stabbing of Utah youth in subway. I am surprised Mayor DB isn’t fully playing the same game. Just waiting for the subway trains once more becoming “moving art” and the squeegee patrols coming out , since public masturbation, public drunkenness, sex art in Times. Just remember, the more lives lost to stabbings the more lives being saved by gun control…. right.

Humphrey's Executor | March 4, 2016 at 12:47 pm

My theory: We are seeing more violence because carefree abortion on demand teaches youngsters that humans are disposable.

Stop and frisk stops guys with knives and guns. He should get behind his officers and trust their judgement. That will get both illegal guns and knives off the street.

[sarcasm] It’s OK, because a person who is fatally stabbed is a little bit “less dead” than a person who is fatally shot. And both of them are morally superior to someone who defends their life by shooting their attacker with a flaming-evil-Satanic-boomstick-of-soul-devouring-death gun. [/sarcasm]

Sometimes, I think these people honestly believe crap like that.

How many guns does his security detail have?

Richard Aubrey | March 4, 2016 at 4:45 pm

D-B’s career doesn’t answer the question: Is he stupid enough to believe the stuff he says/ Or does he know better but also knows a sufficient number of voters are stupid enough to believe the stuff he says.
Of course, both can be true but I don’t know whether I’d like a mayor that dumb as opposed to one who thinks I’m dumb.

Funny how that works, after doing everything they possibly can do to disarm the populace, only the criminals are still armed…

And liberal’s insist they are not nuts