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Carly Fiorina endorses Ted Cruz

Carly Fiorina endorses Ted Cruz

“It is time for us to unite behind Ted Cruz.”

Last night is being hyped as a Yuuuge comeback for Trump. Actually, not much changed other than the media narrative:

Last night’s primary and caucus results changed the momentum in both presidential races. But they didn’t significantly alter the overall math and trajectory of the two contests. Let’s start with the Republican race. Donald Trump headed into last night losing some steam after Ted Cruz’s gains over the weekend. And what did Trump do? He won the Michigan and Mississippi primaries by double digits over Cruz, and he even triumphed in Hawaii’s caucuses. (Trump’s one loss came in Idaho, where Cruz beat him, 45%-28%.) Still, the results don’t truly change the overall math for Trump: He still needs to win Florida and/or Ohio to be on a stronger path to the 1,237 delegates needed to capture the GOP nomination. The good news for him: His top competition in Florida (Marco Rubio) and Ohio (John Kasich) certainly don’t have the political winds at their backs. Here’s the GOP delegate math:

Trump currently has a 93-delegate lead over Cruz

Trump 456 (44% of all delegates awarded)
Cruz 363 (35%)
Rubio 153 (15%)
Kasich 54 (5%)

What matters more is what happens in winner-takes-all Florida and Ohio next week. Trump is up in polling in both places, by a wide margin over Rubio in Florida, and by a not-so-wide margin over Kasich in Ohio.

(added) Though it looks like the race could go on a lot longer than most people think even if Trump wins both Florida and Ohio:

Carly Fiorina entered the fray today, endorsing Cruz:

Last Tuesday, Virginia had a primary—and even though my own name was on the ballot, I checked the box for Ted Cruz.

When Republicans lost the last Presidential election, the Republican establishment thought it knew just what to do. Pass comprehensive immigration reform. Stop talking about “social issues.” Go along and get along. Don’t rock the boat. Rather than fight for real change, stand by as government grows increasingly incompetent and corrupt.

But they didn’t count on Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is a true constitutional conservative. A real reformer, and a strong leader. And he can and will unite our party, and fix the festering problems in Washington—whether it’s our broken immigration system or the IRS. Ted Cruz is that conservative.

And here’s something I’ve learned throughout my career: if you are a real leader, you absolutely must challenge the status quo. And when you challenge the status quo, you make enemies. It’s the price of leadership. And that price is one too many people aren’t willing to pay, and so they don’t lead.

Ted Cruz has made enemies by taking on the political class. They’re scared we found our guy.

I ran for President because I believe it is time to take our country back—and I still believe that. I still believe we need a candidate who will stand for conservative principles. A nominee who will never settle for the status quo, and who will unite us as Republicans.

It is time for us to unite behind Ted Cruz.

If you’re ready to take our country back—if you’re ready to elect a real constitutional conservative in November—join me now in supporting the next President of these United States, Ted Cruz.

Not sure Fiorina’s endorsement carries with it a lot of voters, but it does help the media narrative of the anti-Trump electorate coalescing around Cruz. Whether it’s too little too late remains to be seen.

Against this Trumpmentum is polling from two separate major polling organizations showing Hillary crushing Trump:


Don’t wish too hard for something, you might get Hillary or Bernie instead.


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casualobserver | March 9, 2016 at 12:36 pm

My guess is this is more of a signal to Rubio than anything else.

    HandyGandy in reply to casualobserver. | March 9, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    Too many early votes cast for these guys to have much effect by dropping out now. The biggest effect will be that Rubio isn’t ion the next dbate to harass Trump.

Whose next to endorse Boogerman, Neville Chamberlain?

    HandyGandy in reply to Archer. | March 9, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    You mean the Bruce Lee wannabe?

      Go ahead. Make my day. Say that to Chuck’s face.

      Chuck won’t hurt you. He’ll outclass you.

      legacyrepublican in reply to HandyGandy. | March 9, 2016 at 3:10 pm

      That is hardly fair.

      Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris were very good friends for many years who really enjoyed working out together at the gym and respected each other enough to share learning new techniques from each other. Sadly, they only had the chance to do one movie together before Bruce sadly died.

There’s a lot of overlap between Clinton and Trump voters.

Trump’s delegate count is on pace for him to get to where he needs to get to. That’s the victory he needed.

Trump got the Ben Carson Endorsement.

Marco’s campaign is basically over, even if he wins Florida. (And the insane stop Trump GOP donors [who are Democrat Silicon Valley Billionaires that don’t understand Republicans] are going to keep this dead horse in the race which hurts Cruz).

Ted Cruz doesn’t show any signs of strength in most of the remaining states. The Mormons who won him Idaho will help him in Utah and maybe Arizona but nowhere else. The Nordic/Germanics who won him OK, Iowa, and Kansas, will help him in Nebraska and the Dakodas (and maybe Washington/Oregon) but nowhere else.

Meanwhile, Ted’s going to get blown out on the Eastern Seaboard (save Maryland/Delaware) and in the Rust belt, except for Indiana (Ted took only 18% of non evangelical voters in Michigan).

    The Nordic/Germanics who won him OK, Iowa, and Kansas, will help him in Nebraska and the Dakodas (and maybe Washington/Oregon) but nowhere else.

    In the long run, this won’t mean anything. Washington and Oregon conservatives might help Cruz in the primaries, but the states almost universally go blue during the general election. Not even Trump is likely to carry them in November; Cruz doesn’t have a whisper of a chance.

Carly is just another RINO: when she ran for senate here in #Failifornia, she tried to be Boxershorts Lite, and no one bought it. her endorsement of Cruz strikes me as birds of a feather.

if anything, this is the GOPe trying to split the delegate count so they can broker the convention and shove in an “electable” squish like Mittens. they don’t want to win an election, if it means they won’t be in power anymore.

I always make my voting decisions based on what other people say.

This is not news.

Who else would Fiorina endorse, given that Rubio and Kasich are so far down, and there’s an actual scratchy relationship between Fiorina and Trump.

Fiorina was boosted by the GOPe and big donors as a vote splitter, originally to facilitate Jeb Bush. Now the cronies are doing all they can, including urging various endorsements, as well as nonsense general election and match-up polls, to keep both Trump from prevailing.

Has Gary Gollum Britt and his altar boys taken the Trump loyalty pledge?

“I swear to pledge my whole brain to Donald Trump.
Trump will have Eminent Domain over me.
I relinquish all control of my money over to the pyramid-scheme wall fund.
I will not wonder or question what Donald Trump does with his foundation money.

Trump, Master & Commander, we salute you.”

If you pledge your complete loyalty to his highness Trump, his highness will send you Trump tube steaks, Trump toilet tissue, Trump tuna, Trump tiny gloves, Trump yuuge mirror, Trump…

    As I’ve said before. YOU ARE INSANE.

    And you have revealed yourself to be exactly the kind of hateful anti-catholic protestant bigot that I always suspected you were.

      “Insanity” is where your head is burrowed. And we all know where that is.

      “anti-catholic protestant?”

      No. I am anti-Catholic hypocrites. You know the type very well. They are the ones who drastically discount their Catholic faith in order to vote for a hate-thumping idol who demands PPH death cult loyalty. That’s all.

      Take the pledge and sell you soul, Faustus.

Common Sense | March 9, 2016 at 2:32 pm

TDS in full effect here! Poor thing!

Fiorina says leadership means taking on the establishment. The moron WAS the establishment when she was running. She was also for gang of 8 amnesty and now talking bullshit about Cruz being against it (which he isn’t).

She like Rubio and Cruz also for obamatrade and other terrible stupid trade agreements that sell out USA sovereignty and jobs.

    You are a consummate liar, Gary Gollum. You so want your Precious.

    HandyGandy in reply to Gary Britt. | March 9, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    Gary I am ashamed at you.
    How could you possibly think she uis establishment?
    I mean look at her record.
    The voting she did was not in California, it was in Virginia. That not a state with a lot of establishment types.
    She was part of McCain’s campaign staff and part of Romney’s campaign staff, that’s not establishment.
    In the debates, she kept talking about her intimate relationships with General this and Admiral that. A relationship based on government work in the intelligence community. That’s not establishment.

    I could go on, but you get the point.

I am in Florida, and during every television commercial break you will see a Anti-Trump ad that consists of Trump saying “I love the poorly educated,” looped four or 5 times while ominous slides and music play.

These commercials are paid for by Conservative Solutions PAC, nominally a Rubio PAC but they don’t say anything positive to say and just run negative ads against (several republicans, first it was Bush, then Cruz, now Trump).

You know what? Somebody better love the poorly educated because they are being crushed by big government and crony capitalism right now. Even the movement conservatives at National Review call them losers. What happened to the spirit of “I am my brothers keeper?”

If these are the same pro Rubio ads that ran in Michigan (where Rubio PACs outspent everybody), then it’s no wonder why they failed.

I see the LI commenting dumpster fire is still going.

Rubio, it seems, will stay the course at this juncture and stay in to be defeated in Florida.

If Carly doesn’t turn on Rubio, it could result in a 3rd place win for Ted. This is a very tricky time in the cycle.

The next batch of primaries includes a raft of winner take all (WTA) states. With that in mind, this cycle is really going to heat up.

Republicans adjusted rules for their primaries after 2012, and it’s helping Trump

After a bruising 2012 primary season, GOP leaders sought to tip the system even more in favor of the front-runner. Related: March 8 U.S. primary results | Tracking the race to the Republican nomination

Much to the dismay of some Republicans, the party’s primary process is working just as intended. Designed to choose a nominee quickly, this year’s rules have advanced that air of inevitability forming around Donald Trump, who has won 15 of the first 24 contests.

More votes means even more delegates

Top-performing candidates get more delegates than their vote totals might suggest. Trump won about 35 percent of all the votes cast through March 8 but earned 43 percent of the delegates available in those contests. Ted Cruz, who won six states in that time period, also benefited a bit from rules that help the leading candidates.

Read the rest here:

Looks like Cruz is trying his best to throw the election.

Fellas Fellas Ladies Ladies Please

I had a chance to demo this primary with some real experts. I mean experts at the RNC and some big time donors. And I can tell you what this contest needs ….

More MittBell. That’s right. MittBell. Crank up the volume on those Romney Robocalls so the voters FEEL it!

News reports out today that Cruz and the rest of the establishment candidates, Kasich and Rubio, are all meeting with Jeb Bush to strategize on their joint establishment plan to try and stop the anti establushment candidate Donald Trump.

I think everyone should just lay off Fiorina.

Holy crap. Florida voter here. Tonoght’s slate of anti Republican ads run by pro Rubio superpac Conservative Solutions PAC, were negative hit ads on Kasisich instead of Trump,

Why is Rubio’s Superpac switching to attack ads on Kasich?


As for Fiorina, could her endorsement of Ted Cruz be related to the transfer of $500,000 from Cruz’s Superpac to Fiorina’s Superpac that occurred right before her big media push last fall? (The one that the FEC investigated)

    Barry in reply to rotten. | March 9, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Simple enough. The attack adds against trump are not working.
    So, try to swing some votes from Kasich and cruz. That’s all that is left.

    Rubio is done, even within the GOPe. He no longer serves any useful purpose. After Florida, the guillotine…

There is so much @#$% going on this afternoon & evening, it’s mind boggling.

Cruz is reported to be joining forces with the GOP Establishment (The #DCCartel) in what they call “The Anti-Trump Movement.”

This has always been about toppling the Establishment, not toppling one man.

The Cruz-Estab meeting is reported to happen this coming Friday.

Breaking: Mark Levin Has Switched Horses And Has Endorsed Ted Cruz.

From what I see flowing on Twitter, the pundits & media have given up on Rubio as a disappointment.

Shubio is throughbe-o.

Trump or Cruz: can’t go wrong either way.

Preference: Trump/Cruz ticket.

Yeah it really puts things in perspective when you note that Cruz’s SuperPac gave money to Fiorina’s SuperPac.

I think the case for Cruz being ‘anti-establishment’ just got quite a bit weaker.