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American Man Survived Boston, Paris, and Brussels Attacks

American Man Survived Boston, Paris, and Brussels Attacks

The luckiest man alive

Mason Wells is an American Mormon missionary who has now survived the Boston Marathon attack, the Paris terror attack, and the Brussels attack.

For years to come, he’ll be featured in listicles about amazing coincidences.

The New York Post reports:

American who survived Brussels, Paris and Boston terror says he’s ‘lucky’

A 19-year-old Mormon missionary emerged unscathed from the Boston Marathon bombings and Paris attacks — but wasn’t as lucky in Brussels, where he suffered severe burns and other injuries.

The Utah teen, Mason Wells, was standing at a Delta check-in counter on Tuesday when the first blast went off just feet away, he told CNN.

“My body was actually picked up off the ground for a moment,” he said. “My left shoe was blown off and a large part of the right side of my body got really hot and then really cold and I was covered in … a lot of blood that wasn’t mine.”

Wells’ first brush with terror occurred three years ago at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, where two bombs killed three people and injured more than 250.

On Nov. 19, he was in France, but not in Paris, where ISIS jihadists went on a rampage, killing 130 people and wounding hundreds.

Lying in bed with his burned face wrapped in bandages, the Eagle Scout said he was “lucky” to be alive after suffering shrapnel wounds and a ruptured Achilles tendon.

“I actually felt the explosion on my right side, I could feel the blast,” he said. After that, he added, he saw many injured and dead people.

Wells did a phone interview with ABC News this weekend:

To this young man’s credit, he says that his experiences have deepened his faith.

The FOX News Insider reported:

Brussels Attack Survivor: Experience Strengthened My Faith in God

He was with three other Mormon missionaries at the time – two Americans and one French – and they were also injured in the attack.

“The four of us were very, very lucky,” Wells said. “The others had burn wounds, decently bad burn wounds … But the four of us were very grateful to have been protected, to have been so close and to have been so lucky to not have taken more injuries.”

Wells added that the experience has strengthened his faith in God.

“I know that He does listen to the prayers, and that the prayers the people are doing right now, they make a difference. Because I felt them.”

He may want to spend more time at home in the future.

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The luckiest man alive is Tsutomu Yamaguchi .

Lucky? Everywhere he goes someone tries to blow him the hell up.

Common Sense | March 27, 2016 at 1:39 pm

God bless you Mason Wells!

He should publish his itinerary so people can stay the f*** away from him.

legacyrepublican | March 27, 2016 at 1:56 pm

I don’t know. By the third incident, I think I would be suffering from paranoia. Who said that!

He is like Jessica Fletcher. Murder follows her from Cabot Cove to New York City, to England…in fact, the only common thread connecting all the murders in Murder She Wrote is…

Jessica Fletcher.

I report. You decide.

Char Char Binks | March 27, 2016 at 4:09 pm

Or unluckiest.

He was blocks away from the Boston Marathon bombing and wasn’t even in Paris during the attacks there. I was on the planet for all three attacks – did I survive them? I guess I did.

Where does he live? I want to move to the other side of the universe.

Well, they damn sure know who he is now.

Henry Hawkins | March 27, 2016 at 10:04 pm

I’m too lazy to do the math, but often these amazing coincidences turn out to be inevitabilities, rendered amazing only by our misunderstanding of statistical coincidences.

On Nov. 19, he was in France, but not in Paris, where ISIS jihadists went on a rampage, killing 130 people and wounding hundreds.

On September 11th, I was in the USA, but not in New York, where Al Qaeda jihadists flew planes into the World trade towers, killing 2,996 and wounding thousands.

I don’t call myself a “9-11 survivor.”