An ad put out by the Ted Cruz campaign attacking Donald Trump is brilliant.

The production quality is high, it’s funny, and it goes to a core public perception of Trump as a candidate — that he is not to be treated as a serious person. Trump has the highest national negatives of all candidates of either party, and does poorly in head-to-head matches not only with Ted Cruz but also with Hillary and Bernie.

The ad plays on this perception by having children with a Trump Action Figure doll laugh as they recite Trumps policy positions and friendliness with people like Nancy Pelosi.

The end, in which the children smash a house while shouting ’eminent domain’ is quite effective.

Core Trump supporters are not the target of the ad. They will not be shaken.

Rather, the goal would be to chip away at Trump’s roughly one-third of support and to prevent that support from growing by dissuading last-minute deciders and uncommitted voters from flowing Trump’s way.

Serious attacks on Trump based on his statements, language and policy positions have not worked. The National Review “Against Trump” special issue made the serious case against Trump, but didn’t dent his momentum.

Serious policy- or personality-based attacks against Trump have not worked.

Will mockery?