The video below was released last night on Facebook by former Clinton Secretary of Labor and noted liberal Robert Reich.

Reich’s argument is that Cruz actually believes his conservatism. Reich is right on a big picture basis, even if he exaggerates or distorts a couple of Cruz’s positions. Trump, by contrast, is someone Reich feels will make deals and has no ideological foundation so while he’s a bully, there’s actually less to fear.

Basically, Reich is telling liberals to be afraid, very afraid of Ted Cruz.

This Facebook comment reflects the general sentiment:

This line of attack on Cruz gained Cruz at least one vote:

It’s probably too late to make a difference in today’s South Carolina primary, but if I were on the Cruz campaign, I pay to run it all day long today on every television station in the state. Non-stop.

Cruz, for his part, is pleading guilty:

Reich’s statement seems to reflect a growing consensus on the left (and the Republican establishment) that for them, Trump would be the lesser of two evils. Listen to Bill Maher about 10 days ago:

As Rush says, they will always tell us who they fear.


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