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Video: Dems disagree with Joe Biden on SCOTUS nominations

Video: Dems disagree with Joe Biden on SCOTUS nominations

Biden 1992: “Action on a Supreme Court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over”

Democrats are pushing hard for the senate to lay down and approve an Obama nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court even after Chuck Schumer was caught on video urging Dems to block Bush nominees to the court in 2007.

Now a video of Joe Biden has surfaced in which the VP, then a senator, said that SCOTUS nominations shouldn’t happen during an election season.

A group called the Judicial Crisis Network has spliced together the Biden footage with Hillary and other Democrats talking about the issue recently.

AR Squared reports:

VIDEO: New Judicial Crisis Network Web Ad Pits Biden Against Democrats On #SCOTUS

In 1992, while still Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, then-Senator Joe Biden laid out a principled case for how the Senate should handle a Supreme Court vacancy in a Presidential election year. The Washington Post said that Biden offered “rebuttals to virtually every point Democrats have brought forth” on the current Supreme Court fight.

Judicial Crisis Network’s new web ad proves the point.

When Bernie Sanders says that the Constitution lays out that the job of the Senate is to confirm a president’s nominee, 1992 Biden disagreed:

“We have quashed the myth that the Senate must defer to a President’s choice of a Supreme Court Justice.”

While Hillary Clinton wants to ignore historical precedent on Senate action during a presidential year, 1992 Biden made the case for following precedent, and allowing the next President to make the next lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land:

“Action on a Supreme Court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. That is what is fair to the nominee and is central to the process.”

Here’s the video:

Democrats are responding to Biden exactly as you’d expect them to.

The New York Post:

Obama: Just ignore Joe Biden’s 1992 Supreme Court speech

President Barack Obama wants Republican senators to just forget what Joe Biden said more than 20 years ago about delaying a Supreme Court pick.

“We know senators say stuff all the time,” Obama said Wednesday in comments from the Oval Office.

Though Obama didn’t mention his vice president by name, it was a clear reference to then-Sen. Biden’s much-discussed argument against filling a vacancy on the high court. Republicans are using Biden’s June 1992 Senate floor speech as they vow not to hold hearings on, or even meet with, Obama’s nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Referring to past statements from Biden, as well as Sen. Chuck Schumer, Obama said their words have “no application to the actual situation that we have right now” since there was no nomination at stake at the time. Biden, in a statement on Monday, said his speech was about a hypothetical nominee and that it isn’t evidence that he opposes filling a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year.

No hypocrisy there. Nosiree.

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Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Joe Biden and Barack Obama are all on record advocating that the Dims block SCOTUS nominations when there was a Republican in the White House. Now they want to whine like little hypocritical bitches when the shoe is on the other foot? Pass the popcorn… watching them be-clown themselves is entertaining.

There is one problem: time after time, people fail to identify a picture of Joe Biden. Chances are you do not know that Biden is a Democrat and Vice President if you are not in Washington or a Republican.

Cowards, weaklings, and those with no moral compass look to the words and precedents established by moral reprobates to justify their actions.

Strong leaders and representatives do what they promised for voters so long as it does not violate the constitution.