In a press conference Monday, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump again threatened legal action against Ted Cruz and hinted at a third-party run.


Trump’s threats to legally challenge Cruz’s eligibility for office are, “not defending a constitutional principle, just emotionally lashing out,” as Professor Jacobson has puts it.

Monday, Trump suggested Republicans ought to be thankful he’s willing to take on Cruz’s eligibility. Why? Because Democrats will do so if Cruz is the Republican nominee. Trump also referenced two pending cases on the matter, both filed by other parties.

But is Trump pursuing the Cruz/birthright issue because Cruz keeps running attack ads or because he’s doing everyone a favor? Trump himself doesn’t seem to know. And what about Marco Rubio? Will Trump go birther on Rubio once if he becomes a competitive contender?

The perpetual birther, Trump caused a stink around the 2012 election when he repeatedly demanded to see President Obama’s birth certificate.

For Professor Jacobson’s full breakdown on the eligibility issue, see here.

Pledge, what pledge?

Trump said the Republican Party was “in default” of an agreement and then whined on about being treated unfairly.

The Hill reports:

“When somebody’s in default, that means the other side can do what they have to do,” he said. “The RNC is in default.”
Trump signed a pledge last year to run as a Republican and not as an independent. He first raised the posibility of a third-party run in an exclusive interview with The Hill last summer.

“I signed a pledge but it’s a double-edge pledge, and as far as I’m concerned they’re in default of the pledge,” he said at a campaign event outside of Charleston, S.C., The Guardian reported.

During a later press conference, Trump said he was disappointed with the RNC because it stacks the room at debates “with special interests and donors.”

“The RNC gave all the tickets to special interests that represented Cruz and Rubio. They had all the tickets,” he said. “They walked on the stage and the place went crazy.”

He said he doesn’t have donors or special interests.

“I think the RNC did a very poor job,” he said. “We’ve warned them…and they don’t listen.”

The RNC has “total control” over Trump’s competitors, he added.

“The bottom line is the RNC is controlled by the establishment and the RNC is controlled by the special interests and the donors and that’s too bad,” he said.

Threats aplenty and approximately zero action. At least we know what a (God help us) Trump presidency would look like.

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