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Triumph on Campus Week at College Insurrection

Triumph on Campus Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly report from the world of higher education.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visited the University of New Hampshire this week to learn about political correctness on college campuses and it was brilliant. Strong language warning.

Not all the news on campus was funny this week.

The left had a banner week.

The silliness continues.

Higher ed bubble update.

This is an ongoing problem.

So is this…

Read more campus news at College Insurrection.

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I for one welcome the decline of Snark (Seth Myers, Chelsea Handler) and the rise of shitlord humor (Triumph the insult dog).

Red Guard, Khmer Rouge and/or Hitler Youth in the making – if not already made.

A very dangerous generation, and nearly as dangerous as the psychos who created them.

But the real punishment should go to those who enabled the psychos who enabled them – the likes of Boehner, Prebus and McConnell. Now that Scalia has died, let’s hold these bums’ feet to the fire, lest they roll over as Obama appoints a leftist freak to the Supreme Court.

I saw that Triumph clip a couple of days ago. Hilarious, especially some of the students’ reactions at some of his cracks. Priceless.