In this edition of Today in Political Attack Ads, “Hillary Clinton” goes gangster on a printer, the PAC wars heat up to melt a life-sized Donald Trump, and the Club for Growth doesn’t mess around.

It feels good to be a Clinton

Attackee: Hillary Clinton
Attacker: Ted Cruz

A spoof from a relatively famous scene in the movie Office Space, Hillary and gang whoop up on a server. Pls print.


Attackee: Donald Trump
Attacker: Right to Rise PAC (Pro-Jeb Bush SuperPAC)

Particularly impressive is that someone had to commission a Donald Trump ice sculpture for this ad to happen.


Attackee: Ted Cruz
Attacker: Conservative Solutions PAC (Pro-Marco Rubio SuperPAC)

A bit more pro-Rubio than anti-Cruz, but it still counts.

There’s nothing Conservative about Donald Trump

Attackee: Donald Trump
Attacker: Club for Growth

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