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The Regressive Left in Israel and the West

The Regressive Left in Israel and the West

“Through the years, the Left has become a fanatic religious cult”

Consider this a follow-up to our prior reporting on the Regressive Left:

The concept of masochists defending sadists came from this article, The Masochists Who Defend Sadists: The Regressive Left in Theory and Practice:

I think they hated the idea of the West and of Empire, so they made a practical and intellectual alliance with people who shared their hatred. It must be remembered, too, that the resistance and its fighters and ideas served as the forerunner of the Islamic State. The Western Left’s solidarity with Islamism and fascism is, I would argue, the Western Left’s greatest shame, at least in my lifetime….

The regressive left refers to the nominally liberal writers and intellectuals who have stopped defending liberal principles, and now expend considerable energy excusing and defending the Islamist movement and its vicious assault on secular and Muslim societies.….

The regressive left is sinister and ahistorical; it is led by masochists who defend sadists; it is an attempt to make the world safe for fascism. It must be resisted and discredited.

I saw this good passage in an article at Israel Hayom about Israel’s regressive left, Using the Left’s own tactics against it:

Through the years, the Left has become a fanatic religious cult: It has its own heteronomic rules, dictated by some god (they must be, considering that the Left views them as absolute truth), and they outweigh the rules of man and the opinion of the majority. The Left’s totalitarianism also comes from the same source: Despite talking ceaselessly about human rights, there are no humans there, only ideas….

In his 1983 book “How Democracies Perish,” philosopher Jean Francois Revel spoke about the “industry of blame,” a clever mechanism whereby the West has adopted a one-sided view of its own historical guilt. Revel described the clash between the Soviet Union and the West like a soccer game, in which one of the teams — the West — restricted itself from going beyond the half court line. Today, the Palestinian Authority and the Islamist movements (as well as parts of Europe) play the role of the Soviet Union in this scenario, while the leftist organizations are helping them fight against Israel.

And yet, there is one difference: While peace organizations were taking internal action to weaken their own countries’ stance against the Soviets, the American and British citizens were able to walk around the streets of their cities without fearing for their safety. The price that the West would pay for internal Soviet support seemed far off. But that is not the case in Israel today.

Left wing activists are waging endless campaigns around the world, telling our enemies and our haters that they are indeed justified in hating us. And since Israel’s demonic image is growing stronger, because, after all, the evidence of our demonic nature is being presented by some of our own, it is becoming ever more legitimate to murder Jews. Can we honestly say that our enemies care about human rights?

I don’t think there’s much difference between the Western and Israeli regressive leftists. Except in Israel, because of its small size and the array of governments and groups seeking its destruction, the regressive left is far more dangerous to freedom.

[Featured Image: Israeli leftist brags turned in Palestinians who sell land to Jews, risking their death and torture.]


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There are people who like to toy with evil, in the mistaken notion that embracing something abnormal is a sign of sophistication. For some reason, our academic institutions seem to enjoy hiring such people. I saw it when I was in college, and I have seen it in my children’s friends.

It’s like playing with fire.

The Israeli left is even nuttier than the American left, and frighteningly closer to the mainstream of Israeli politics.

Never forget that the regressive Left also made alliances with the KKK, Stalin, and just about anyone who hated America and Western values.