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Marine Removed From Bill Clinton Event After Benghazi Question

Marine Removed From Bill Clinton Event After Benghazi Question

“Shut up and listen to my answer.”

A questioner identifying himself as a former Marine was removed from an event in South Carolina this weekend where Bill Clinton was speaking on behalf of his wife.

The man was asking Clinton about Benghazi and the crowd didn’t like it. The Marine could have handled it better. As you’ll see in the video below, he never really gives Clinton a chance to respond.

The New York Post has more:

‘Shut up and listen’: Bill Clinton tells off Marine during rally

Bill Clinton told a heckler who identified himself as a Marine to “shut up and listen” during a small-town South Carolina rally for his wife’s presidential bid, video footage shows.

Clinton was 40 minutes into a one-hour stump speech in Bluffton before a crowd of about 500 when a man claiming to be a retired Marine sergeant began speaking about the Veterans Administration.

Clinton responded politely until the man moved on to the topic of the 2012 terrorist attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, where U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans died. “We had four lives in Benghazi that were killed, and your wife tried to cover it up,” he shouted as the crowd booed.

“Can I answer? Are you going to let me answer?” Clinton asked repeatedly as the man continued his diatribe.

The former president, exasperated, then barked, “Shut up and listen to my answer, and I’ll answer it.

When the woman making the video is noticed, she picks up where the Marine left off yelling that “Hillary lied over four coffins!” before being removed herself.

Here’s the video, which has now gone viral:

BizPac Review points to an interesting observation of this incident:

A far cry from how military service members are treated at a Donald Trump rally, or any Republican presidential candidate’s event for that matter.

“To me the story is the crowd,” Fox & Friends host and Army National Guard veteran Pete Hegseth said Saturday. “This guy stands up (and) said ‘I’m a Marine. I’ve done two tours in Iraq’ — You go to a Republican rally, tell it like it is, the crowd erupts in applause for the Marine and says ‘thank you for your service this is fantastic,’ instead silence, crickets (at the Clinton rally).”

“It shows you we’ve got two very different electorates that look very differently towards that service.”

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Libya was not the first nor the last of the social justice wars. The Left has a long history of embarking on progressive wars with liberal (i.e. loosely or unspecified) causes. They are the perpetual “war party”.

The Left’s war on men and women. War on relationships. War on dignity. War on science. War on religion/morality. War on babies. The “free” stuff is really a good opiate.

Alternate headline:

Mogadishu Bill tells a Marine to shut up when he questions the behavior of Benghazi Hillary.

The Marine and his wife obviously had no interest in listening to any answer, which I would have liked to have heard. But, they did a good job of disrupting a Hillary event. The reaction of the crowd was hard to take. It came across as firmly anti-American, but could it have been ignorance? Bill obviously does not have the command of an audience like he used to have.