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LIVE RESULTS: Nevada Republican Caucus – TRUMP WINS

LIVE RESULTS: Nevada Republican Caucus – TRUMP WINS

On to Super Tuesday.

Welcome to our Nevada Republican Caucus live feed. Caucuses end by midnight EST. We’ll report results as we have them. Depending on your time zone, you might want to crank up the coffee pot, we’ll be here awhile.

Up for grabs, 30 delegates. The caucus is closed, so only those who registered as a Republican thirty days prior to tonight are able to cast votes.

The current delegate allocation:

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 7.26.39 PM

A total of 1,237 delegates are required to win the Republican nomination.

I’ve been asked this question several times on social media and thought I would address it here as well: What happens to delegates pledged to candidates who’ve dropped out of the race? The handful of delegates allocated to candidates like Jeb Bush will go the the RNC convention as “undecided.” There, they’ll pick a candidate still in the race.

Watch real time reactions beneath.

Less than an hour into the caucuses and ground reports indicate an unmitigated counting disaster:

Live feed

Nevada Caucus feed

Political media reaction:

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It would take some kind of a miracle for Trump not to clobber the snot out of the field tonight.

DINORightMarie | February 23, 2016 at 9:14 pm

First of all – “Four-Peat”??? NH, SC, and NV => THREE. Not FOUR. (IA went to Cruz……27.6%).

Second of all – this is a disgrace. How can this be considered in any way a legal, legitimate process?!?!!?

Multiple federal violations, state violations, of election laws.

Will anyone do anything?! Rubio seems pretty infuriated – will the Republican Party allow this to stand?!?!

    “will the Republican Party allow this to stand?!?!”

    It’s the R party running this show.

    Do you have some reason to believe that the wearing of logo-wear by caucus organizers at a private activity (a state party caucus) is somehow in violation of rule of the NV Republican Party? There is, of course, no violation of state or federal laws.

A few small details.

I don’t see how you get 4-peat — NH, CS, now Nevada.

I don’t think that anyone has technically dropped out. They have suspended their campaigns. The difference is I think, they keep their delegates and they still appear on the ballots where they qualified.

The more I see of the Trumpaloos the more they remind me of the Obamabots. Mindless hero-worship without any regard for policy positions, past statements/actions or ability to govern. Poll workers wearing Trump attire reminds me of poll workers putting up Obama murals and posters. After 8 years of the Obama bullshit, is this really how we want to respond?

    Curle in reply to Paul. | February 23, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    I’ve attended numerous caucuses over the years, including my state R caucus just last Saturday and I see caucus workers wearing the logo wear of their favorites all the time. At our caucus on Sat. one of the chairs of the caucus gave a speech for a candidate (not Trump). Looks like Rubio’s desperate and dejected supporters are over-reacting.

    Common Sense in reply to Paul. | February 24, 2016 at 1:32 am

    Get over it Paul. Trump won!

    BuckIV in reply to Paul. | February 24, 2016 at 1:54 am

    I think it will end up more similar to the Governator Schwarzenegger shit-show in California. Same stupid people falling for the same stupid crap.

    MaggotAtBroadAndWall in reply to Paul. | February 24, 2016 at 8:58 am

    Don’t worry. Trump will NEVER be president. According to Gallup, he has record high 60% unfavorables among all American adults. Gallup says unfavorables typically rise after the general election starts. 52% of all Americans say Trump will be a “poor or terrible” president. A majority of Americans are not going to vote for a man they think will be a “poor or terrible” president. President Trump just ain’t gonna happen.

    Trump at the top of the ballot will suppress Republican turnout. Many Republicans from the traditional Republican coalition will stay home rather than vote for him. BTW, that works both ways. I think a large chunk of the Trump cultists will not show up to vote for Carson, Cruz, Kasich, or Rubio if they were to miraculously get the nomination. Despite record Republican turnout and record Republican audiences for the debates, Trump has ensured that Republicans can not win the presidency. How ironic.

    He will have to get tons of Democrat crossover voters to make up for the suppressed Republican vote. Why would Democrats vote for a faux-Republican when they finally have an avowed socialist and a closeted socialist to choose from? This has been the Democrat’s dream for almost a century.

    No, Trump very well may win the nomination but the probability that he will win the general election is barely a positive number. Only slightly more than 0%. It is a virtual certainty he will lose to one of the socialists. The Senate flips to socialist control. The Republican House majority is severely eroded. New Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer finishes nuking the filibuster. The socialists nominate a 40ish year old left wing justice to the Supreme Court as Scalia’s replacement, and very likely nominate between one and three 40ish year old replacements for Ginsberg, Breyer, and Kennedy. That will ensure the Supreme Court and judiciary are reliably left wing for 30 years. Bernie Sanders revolution will be complete. A left wing coup d’état will have been orchestrated by a faux “Republican”. Something so bizarre a great fiction writer could not have dreamed it up.

    Buckle up. we are about to take a permanent, very hard left turn and no way to stop it or correct for it.

      Thank you Lindsey Graham for your usual spot on analyses.

      All told, Trump has now won approximately 420,000 votes. After the first four states had voted in 2012, Mitt Romney had won about 311,000 votes. Back in 2008, meanwhile, eventual nominee John McCain had won a little more than 250,000 votes after Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada had voted.

      If the GOPe wises up and gets on the Trump wave they will have down ballot wins like never seen before.

      Trump’s net favorability will change tremendously once he becomes general election candidate.

        forksdad in reply to Gary Britt. | February 24, 2016 at 10:50 am

        Too bad for the GOPe and the dems. Trump will be smashing barriers just as he did tonight. Is he my candidate? No, but my guy might get a cabinet post. He’s not even going to get the VP pick.

        This is a watershed year. Things will change and change big. It will be okay to talk about fundamentally changing our broken immigration system. Just that is worth the ticket. NOBODY was talking about the issue any of Trump’s rivals could have co-opted the issue and split his vote none did.

        Come November the GOPe would rather vote Dem than Trump. They would rather lose than lose their cushy position as half of the stupid and evil party. They proved that with their treatment of the TEA party and open caving to every Obama demand.

        If both the GOPe and the Dems are against someone he is doing something right.

Listening to news reports earlier in the day, they were saying this is a state with traditionally very low voter turn out.

Sounds like they are getting a high turnout and that is causing a lot of confusion. ( Though someone should tell the guy to lose the Trump gear. )

Some guy voted trump twice

More evidence that Trump is a Democrat?

CNN Calls it Trump wins Yuuge. Trump may end up over 40% tonight. Cruz and Rubio neck and neck like SC.

Trump continues to expand GOP base and turnout and GOP keeps fighting we don’t want those new voters.

GOP continues to strategize on how to stay out of whitehouse.

Trump wins another one in a blowout!

Has Rubio given his victory speech yet?

Has Bill Kristol predicted Trump’s demise yet?

Has Krauthammer (or George Will) explained yet again how Rubio can still win it all at a brokered convention?

Has the Huffington Post called Trump a racist yet again?

Has anyone in the establishment media figured out that they are no longer being taken seriously by the R electorate?

    Cruz just came out and gave his yeah we just won third place AGAIN speech. Claims he is only one who can beat Trump but he can’t even beat Rubio.

    He is sounding more and more like a guy with no plan B. Plan A I’m the most conservative isn’t working and he has NOTHING to fall back on when that doesn’t sell.

      gulfbreeze in reply to Gary Britt. | February 24, 2016 at 8:28 am

      “He is sounding more and more like a guy with no plan B. Plan A I’m the most conservative isn’t working and he has NOTHING to fall back on when that doesn’t sell.”

      I think you’re touching on the fundamental flaw in Cruz’s candidacy. He has not found and delivered a compelling message that a broad swath of Republican voters want today.

      And he should have been doing that last year. Even if he found the message this morning, it’s too late. His candidacy is over. And that’s not because I am against him. In fact, there are many things about Cruz and his positions I admire.

      But…he’s selling the Tea Party messages of 2010 in the year 2016. The problem is Republican voters bought the message of 2010, even helped sell that message and motivate other buyers.

      But the GOPe didn’t deliver the goods.

      Republican voters aren’t just angry at the GOPe, or even angry in general. What they want to hear is a candidate that will fight…for them.

      Yesterday I watched an interview with Cruz. His focus? “You know why I’m doing this? I’m doing this for my daughters…my two little girls.”

      Which is, in theory, a great message.

      Unfortunately, what broad Republicans want to hear is not someone that wants to fight for his two little girls.

      They want a candidate that will fight…for them, and their two little girls.

      Every candidate has their flaws, and I think one of Cruz’s greatest is this… he has not moved from being an ideologue to a successful politician.

      And there are many things I respect and like about his ideology, as well as his passion for conservative principles, many of which I share. But standing for principles without the requisite skills and strategies, without successful messaging, without demonstrating that he can motivate voters into action accomplishes nothing.

      In addition, I think he lacks the ability to touch a broad spectrum of individuals’ emotions. Maybe it’s a personality thing, maybe its his personal affect, maybe it’s that he can’t shake his role of being a litigator/orator speaking in a manner more suited to message the head and not the heart. And I’ve watched his speeches and read his literature. And I know in them he tries to use the words to touch the emotions, but it simply doesn’t work…for me. And I don’t think it’s worked for other voters, as his performance has shown.

      In short, compare him to Reagan. Reagan had the ideology. But he proved his greatest strength was delivering his message to the heart, and motivating people to act.

      Call it marketing, call it sales, whatever. The marketplace of not only products, but ideas, is littered with the greatest things ever (and some truly are great). But if you can’t sell it, it ends up in the dustbin of history. Cruz simply doesn’t have this particular skill at this point in his career.

      Check out the Reader’s Forum for my post from a few days ago looking for a path for Cruz to the nomination. There isn’t one that will happen. Game over. Cruz is finished.

Trump seems poised to win over 40% of Latino vote.

Another Trump train wreck. Well, it is only a barely inhabited state, of little consequence. Certainly Super Tuesday will straighten things out. Or not.

Yeeahhhh baby. Trumpnado!

Interesting headline on Drudge

Well just finished watching the Ted Cruz victory speech.
All I can say is I want some of what he’s ingested. It has some pretty interesting effects.

Nevada just took a dump and out came Trump!

What’s worse: illegal immigrants who can become normalized citizens or Trumph supporters – legal citizens who chose the Abnormal?

The latter.

It is no surprise that moral philanderer Trumph gained support in the home state of Sodom.

In News From the Front: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will endorse Ted Cruz today.

I will not vote for anyone who supports abortion or its front organization.

How could any Catholic support a candidate who does? But I guess that is to “think different” just like Illinois’ Dick “sack of” Durbin, just like Gary Britt.

I’ll stick to reality and to pro-life permanent values.

Trumph’s is Mephistophelean. You must renounce Catholicism and join Trumph’s church so you can “think different”.

    “How could any Catholic support a candidate who does?”
    I’ll stick to reality and to pro-life permanent values.”

    I mean no disrespect Jennifer, and absolute respect for the Catholic church. And I admire and hold your position of pro-life values.

    Many Catholics have voted/supported pro-choice Democratic candidates for decades, so I don’t believe Catholic voters are monolithic on the issue when it comes to their support for politicians.

    Interestingly, just yesterday I was on the phone with a friend of mine that goes all the way back to my childhood growing up in neighboring cities, attending the same evangelical church youth activities, to being roommates in college for a couple of years. He became a minister and now works in Christian radio industry, and we ended up talking politics. We touched on voter ideals and attitudes. As a broadcast executive, he lives/breathe research, and related that several studies have found that a number approaching half of Protestant women (including evangelicals) attending church regularly have had an abortion at some point in their lives. And his point was absolutely no criticism of those women in that at all, simply that, that is the nature of the church today. (At the same time, as current voting is showing I don’t think evangelicals are monolithic either. I’ve met too many evangelical Democrats over my lifetime.)

    So I don’t believe that there is any segment of Christians today that are monolithic in regard to the abortion issues, and as a general rule, I don’t believe Christians condemn others on it.

    In fact, current pro-life positions may even come as a result of choices some have made at a time, and now believe differently and perhaps wish the could have made a different choice. And as men, we both spoke in that conversation with no condemnation that those decisions may have come with great personal pain and circumstances we can’t imagine being in, so we made no judgment on their choices.

    And I think another reality is, it’s becoming more apparent a very broad swath of the national Republican party voters don’t care if Republican party presidential candidates make the issue part of their platform.

    Why? Maybe they see the pro-life issue more effectively addressed at the state level, who knows? I just don’t think it’s one of the greatest concerns that GOP voters are making their decisions on today. Other concerns are far higher in importance to them.

      Jesus said to Peter, “get behind me Satan.” Those words are appropriate now.

      And so they voted for Obama due to their extreme hatred for George Bush…

      And so they voted for Trump due to their extreme hatred of Obama…

      Does anyone recall any of the recent videos of Planned Parenthood’s mutilation and sale of a child’s body parts?

      I am a Christian. I am to protect the widow and orphan and the unborn. I will do so with my vote.

      I cannot in good conscious vote for anyone who supports abortion and its front organizations. What do I care about monolithic electability?

      “The second item in the liberal creed, after self-righteousness, is unaccountability. Liberals have invented whole college majors— psychology, sociology, women’s studies— to prove that nothing is anybody’s fault. No one is fond of taking responsibility for his actions, but consider how much you’d have to hate free will to come up with a political platform that advocates killing unborn babies but not convicted murderers. A callous pragmatist might favor abortion and capital punishment. A devout Christian would sanction neither. But it takes years of therapy to arrive at the liberal view.” -P. J. O’Rourke

      Trumph is a Mephistophelean liberal who does not want to be held accountable. Get it?

      Our democracy is a product of culture and this culture has gone to hell. Vote for Trumph if you need to win an argument and get behind me.

        Maybe Matthew 6:1 might apply here a bit?

          Are you calling me a hypocrite because I have convictions and state them unequivocally?

          Is it because I speak truth in a form you think religious and therefore believe that you can bring down a notch by quoting some ad hoc scripture at me. Give me break.

          We must build a wall of protection for the unborn. Is that rudimentary enough for Trumph’s poorly educated supporters?

          forksdad in reply to forksdad. | February 24, 2016 at 4:15 pm

          Nope. I am not calling you a hypocrite. I am telling you, you are virtue signaling. We’re supposed to avoid doing that. Do your good deeds in private, don’t blow your own horn and tell everyone how you’re going to be extra special because no matter what your convictions are just too strong. This is no different than telling everyone how you are fasting for Lent or tithe for the poor.

          One post, ok you’ve made your point. The rest is all, “I, me, my, mine” etc. We get it. I even agree with you on your original point. I was warning you that you were getting tennis elbow from patting yourself on the back. In public.

          You are kidding, right?

          forksdad in reply to forksdad. | February 24, 2016 at 8:18 pm


          I understand. Having Christian convictions and stating them is repugnant to many people. Being dismissive and having a put-me-in-my-place “self-righteous” disregard (see P.J. O’Rourke above) is the typical response. Why, you used scripture about hypocritical Pharisees to do so. How high and mighty of you.

          If I stated these things unequivocally in political terms w/o a Christian viewpoint like most here then it would be no problem.

          And if I spoke with verbose grandiosity like Trumph then no problem.

          But, if I speak from the heart, then I am showing off in public. Give me a break. The duplicity is astounding.

          Because I do not want to be tempted to vote for Trumph by abandoning my Christian convictions so as to create a “monolithic” vote to get a loud mouth PPH supporter in the WH, I said, “get behind me Satan.”

          Get it?

          I believe there are still copies out there.

          Read psychiatrist Karl Stern’s The Flight from Woman to understand “the conflict between two modes of knowledge – scientific or rational, as contrasted with intuitive or poetic.” After reading hopefully one will begin to understand that misogyny is very often tied in with strict rational thinking.

    Trump voters will turn any and all of their “principles” upside down for the sake of the superhero fantasy, just as Trump himself easily switches his supposed “principles,” sometimes in the same interview.

    Trump was still supporting amnesty while Cruz was actively opposing it. Then, presto change-o, Trump wants to be the Big Shot and finds that saying “I’ll deport everyone and build a wall,” plus his TV celebrity, gets him a fanatical fan base that won’t hold him to ANY standards of consistency or basic human decency.

Yay. The same process that gave us Romney and McCain once again goes full retard.

    Radegunda in reply to Same Same. | February 24, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    Notice how Trump fans are now starting to use that eeevil RINO “He can win!” argument when all their other arguments are refuted by facts, or by Trump’s changeability.

    Radegunda in reply to Same Same. | February 24, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Actually “He can win” has been a core principle of the Trump cult from the beginning.

    For months, people have been saying, “So what if Trump has been much more Democrat than Republican? So what if he’s given Democrats lots more money and praised them a lot more? He’s the one guy who will really take it to Hillary!”

    In other words, “Who care about principles as long as our side wins?”

    Trump fans keep saying they’re not bothered by anything outrageous, rude, unethical, or dishonest that Trump does — and then they chortle: “Look, he’s still standing! He’s a winner!”

    Being a Trump fan requires abandoning principles — or having none.

Jennifer and Same Same jump to attack voters and near doubling of GOP base from 2008. Prefer defeat and Hillary supreme court nominees.

    Radegunda in reply to Gary Britt. | February 24, 2016 at 11:59 am

    Recently you were holding Trump to be such a great conservative that the only possible direction from which to find fault with him was from the left — which was the necessary premise of your bizarre claim that I had to be a Democrat.

    Then you switched to admitting that Trump isn’t all that conservative, and that’s why he’s great! because he can win! Never mind if he has any principles to speak of, except self-worship.

    Being a Trump fan requires being inconsistent. It isn’t about principle. It’s all about infatuation with The Donald.

      There is absolutely nothing in your post that is accurate or true. You routinely make false/LIES claiming I said this or admitted that which are wholly made up and figments of your warped, biased, LIAR of a mind.

      Trump is a conservative. His positions on the critical issues are THE MOST CONSERVATIVE of any candidate. Such as his positions on the Wall, immigration, Trade deals and taxes.

      Trump’s positions on Trade and Immigration are endorsed by Senator Jeff Sessions.

      Neither Cruz nor Rubio have even bothered to give senator Sessions the courtesy of answering his Trade “test” questions because their answers would show they support Obamatrade and deals similar to Obamatrade.

    You should be celebrating Cyclops Britt. You passed your Trumph’s confirmation class: Trumph loves the poorly educated (aka, low information voter)

      Only an uninformed socio-economic bigot like you would make the blanket statement that all non-college graduates are stupid or low information.

      Maybe you haven’t heard: Trump won ALL demographics AGAIN. Graduate Degrees, bachelor degrees, no degrees.

      Your opinions and expressions are ALL BASED on false assumptions, bigotry, and your refusal to see anything contrary to your bigoted world view.

      Must be some of your Christian values, lying by omission. Trump said he loved just about every demographic including the “poorly educated”. At least he doesn’t call them “low information voters” like you. Perhaps they are better informed than you believe.

      You’re losing, try to some of that “graciousness” you complain is lacking in Trump.

        It is rich and sardonic that Trumph supporters are lecturing me about Christian values when these same Catholics and Evangelical supporters of Trumph will have to ignore their conscious to vote for Trumph.

        Trump is now facing fraud charges and still hasn’t released his tax returns. Mephistophelian Trumph is lacking more than “graciousness”.

          “It is rich and sardonic that Trumph supporters are lecturing me about Christian values when these same Catholics and Evangelical supporters of Trumph will have to ignore their conscious to vote for Trumph.”

          I’m neither catholic or evangelic. You are the one using your religion as a tool of hatred.

          I’m going to vote for the candidate that best promotes American values. I could care less about their religion unless they wear it on their sleeve like you.

          I would rather wear my convictions on my sleeve so that people know what I am about than to hide my face in my sleeve and believe something absurd, namely American values as embodied in Trumph.

          Can you describe American values outside of what is good and altruistic? Is it for you material goods – a house, a job, a car and the “Wall”?

          As a Christian I fully accept theistic evolution. I have studied the science. And, I am an engineer. So now, lets, talk about you being a brave coward.



It’s obviously rigged. Scott Walker was left off that ballot.

Trump just received his first two endorsements from Congress Critters. Congressmen Duncan Hunter from California and another congressmen from New York. This is just the tip of the coming iceberg.

Jeff Sessions won’t be far behind. Probably waiting for Trump to win Alabama on Super Tuesday for the official endorsement.

NC Mountain Girl | February 24, 2016 at 2:28 pm

Tru,p will betray his supporters.

Betrayal is in Trump’s very nature. He is said to have cheated on all three of his wives. He has abandoned his limited partners. He has stiff his creditors. He routinely tramples the wishes of local governments and local residents. He makes promises to politicians in order to get zoning approvals changed on properties he then does not develop as promised, turning his profit on the subsequent resale. He licenses his name to shoddy products and even to scams like Trump University. When he over extends, which is often, it somehow is never his fault when the project fails. He then sues everyone he can to cover his failures.

Those are some of the reasons Trump wore out the welcome mat in locations as diverse as Gary, Indiana, Aberdeen-shire Scotland and Palm Beach, Florida.

    Trump will betray his supporters.

    Unlike, say… Marco Rubio.

    Where did you get these ideas? “He is said…”? When Trump says he’ll do something, he does it. I can’t comment on his cheating of course (perhaps you were there?) but both of his ex-wives support his candidacy, so who are you to judge. Promises to politicians? Are you kidding?

    Trump erected one of the largest U.S. flags and flag poles in the world to tick off the Palm Beach overreaching code enforcement. Is that the sort of thing that you think is “wearing out his welcome”?

    Come on down to Mar-a-Lago to celebrate Lincoln Day.
    Newt Gingrich will be there.

    “Tru,p will betray his supporters.”

    In that case, which I very much doubt, he will fit right in with the GOP since 1988.