Today the South Florida Times posted on their web site a piece entitled “FILM USES VIRTUAL REALITY TO REENACT TRAYVON’S MURDER.”

In that piece they describe a piece of fabricated (“virtual reality”) cinema that purports to tell the “true story” about the interaction between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin that resulted in Martin’s death.

The article notes that:

The promotional material for One Dark Night indicates, “By anchoring the piece in accurate and unassailable elements, the user becomes transported inside a reliable, albeit virtual, version of the story as an eyewitness. One Dark Night breaks new ground on multiple levels, including through audio carefully cleaned by forensic specialists Sourcesound and Primeau Productions, with the latter asserting that the reconstructed audio indicates George Zimmerman cocked his gun just before he gave chase.

(emphasis added)

Except there’s one little problem with that narrative:

The pistol with which George Zimmerman successfully defended his life against Trayvon Martin’s attack (the vicious and sustained “ground-and-pound” beating delivered by Martin and as viewed and testified to by eye witnesses at trial) was a Kel-Tec PF9.  Here’s a photo:


The reader will note that the PF9 does not have an exposed hammer to be directly cocked by hand.

In addition, the PF9 is what as known as a double-action-only firearm.  Even if there were a hammer to be cocked, it cannot stay in the cocked position–it simply returns to the lower rest position. Thus, even if one attempted to “cock the hammer” by cycling the slide, for example, the hammer would simply descend to its original lowered position, as is illustrated in the photo.  Thus, there is no purpose or advantage to “cocking the hammer” in such a fashion.

In addition, had an attempt been made to “cock the hammer” by cycling the slide, either a live round would be ejected to the ground or an unexplained round would be missing from the gun’s magazine.  The actual forensic evidence at trial absolutely contradicted both of these scenarios.

Finally, and ironically, one of the prosecutors in the Zimmerman trial was John Guy.  Prosecutor Guy spent much of the trial shrieking to the jury in outrage at the fact that Zimmerman was carrying around a gun “with a round in the chamber–ready to kill!!!!11!!!”

(Side note: John Guy is now a Florida judge. No, I’m not kidding.)

Well, of course Zimmerman had a round chambered. Only an idiot would carry a gun for personal protection and not have a round chambered.  A defensive handgun is often needed for instant defense, as was the case when Martin mounted Zimmerman and ruthlessly beat his head into a sidewalk.  Had Zimmerman needed to chamber a round before firing, he’d likely have died at the hands of his attacker. Thus carrying a defensive sidearm with a round chambered is both perfectly lawful and utterly sensible.

Tomorrow, February 26, marks the four year anniversary of the date on which Trayvon Martin made the foolish mistake of attempting to viciously beat an armed man, and lost his life in the effort. The trial that resulted was fraught with propaganda and lies, obfuscating what was to my modestly experienced eye the cleanest self-defense shooting I’ve ever seen brought to trial.

The four year anniversary, and yet the propaganda and lies just keep on coming.

–-Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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