There were many moving images today as Justice Antonin Scalia’s body was brought to and placed in repose in the Supreme Court.

The Featured Image was one of the most moving. His former law clerks lined up outside the Supreme Court awaiting arrival of his body. (h/t @amandacarpenter)

They continued to stand guard as the casket was carried up the steps:

Scalia Law Clerks Casket Steps

Sets of four clerks then took turns in 30 minute shifts standing by the casket as visitors paid respects, including the Obamas (who will not be attending the funeral).

I think one of the true measures of a person is not how he or she treats people they report to, but how they treat the people who report to them. From everything I’ve heard, Justice Scalia treated those “below” him with respect and humor. The loyalty of a generation of law clerks speaks to that.

These Facebook comments were apt:

“Fabulous. There is his legacy.”

“Not all is lost.”

“How can one not get choked up when seeing this. God, bless America.”

“30 years of mentoring conservatives.”

[Featured Image: Hannah Oh Facebook]


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