Cybersecurity is going to be a challenging problem for the next president and every one thereafter but maybe Hillary Clinton isn’t the best person to bring this up as a campaign issue.

Alyssa Canobbio of the Washington Free Beacon:

Clinton Calls Cybersecurity ‘One of the Most Important Challenges’ for the Next President

At the end of a get out the vote campaign event in New Hampshire on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton was asked about her plans for protecting cyber security.

“It is one of the most important challenges the next president is going to face,” Clinton said.

Clinton said that the technology offenses conducted by hostile states have become more advanced. She named Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea as countries that are just going to accelerate their attacks on the cyber infrastructure of the United States.

“We first have to figure how to create what would be an understanding with these nations that we will not tolerate their cyber theft and their cyber evasiveness, and we certainly would never ever sit still for a cyber attack,” Clinton said.

Clinton also spoke of another level of cyber attackers that is made up of terrorist networks and hacker networks who have nothing to lose when they release a cyber attack. Clinton added that the US needs to work on both levels to prevent the attacks from happening and giving them the information that they want.

Here’s the video:

Hillary certainly seems confident talking about cybersecurity which is curious since some people are now claiming she didn’t know how to access her email with a computer.

The Hill reported:

Clinton didn’t know how to access email by computer, says State official

Hillary Clinton did not know how to use a computer to read and send emails when she entered office as the nation’s top diplomat in 2009.

She only knew how to read her messages via BlackBerry, according to an official at the time.

Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, told State Department official Lewis Lukens that there could be a “problem,” because Clinton “does not know how to use a computer to do email — only [Blackberry],” he wrote in a 2009 email released on Monday.”
“But I said [it] would not take much training to get her up to speed,” he claimed.

It’s unclear whether Clinton was ever trained to use a computer to access emails.

If you made this stuff up, no one would believe it.

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