Terror attacks in and against Israeli Jews now are daily occurrences. Most don’t make their way into the U.S. media.

Two recent examples are twin 18-year old sisters arrested for bomb making, and at stabbing attack which left two Israeli women injured but could have been much worse.

The Times of Israel reports:

Iraeli security forces arrested 18-year-old bomb-making twin sisters from Shwaika, outside the Palestinian city of Tulkarem in the West Bank last month, the Shin Bet security service announced Monday.

Israel Defense Forces soldiers and Shin Bet officers discovered pipe bombs and other explosive materials in the home of Diana and Nadia Hawila in late December 2015, officials said.

In addition, they found knives, Hamas headbands and “equipment for riots,” the Shin Bet said in a statement, though it did not claim that the twins were, in fact, Hamas members.

In another development, an Israeli man used a shopping cart to fend off attackers who already had stabbed two women:

“It was scary,” acknowledged Mordechai Shalem, in a television interview soon after the attack at the West Bank settlement of Beit Horon.

“You see two people facing you with their knives raised. I saw the hatred in their eyes, the anger. I knew I had to stop them from getting in,” he said.

Two Israeli women were stabbed and injured in the attack, one critically. The terrorists then tried to enter the store, were blocked by Shalem, fled, and were killed by a security guard after a short chase, police said.


UPDATE 1-16-2015 – One of the women stabbed in the supermarket incident has died: