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The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

Liberation is nigh

What better way to start off the new year than a reminder we get to elect a new president in mere months?

For your enjoyment, a countdown.


Of course there’s no guarantee a President Clinton wouldn’t usher in an era of deception, but we’ll take what we can get for now.

And before you go all, “well actually” on me (you know who you are), a countdown to the swearing in.


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And the bad news is, it is likely to be Hillary.

    Now, now. Don’t be such a Debbie-Downer. A Cruz, Rubio or Trump Presidency is a very real possibility. Carson (much as I like him) I think needs to get his campaign on an upward trajectory again in order to be considered (not impossible, but looking more unlikely by the day).

    Also, the implosion of Hillary as a candidate is quite likely as well (although I have no idea what the field will look like if that happens). It depends on if anyone is willing to go after her in any meaningful way for her classified e-mail problem (Hey, BERNIE, are you listening???)?

    No way.

    You’ll see.

May the GOP take no more than 6 weeks to get really focused and have 2 or 3 candidates still standing.

Doesn’t Tyrant Obama Bin Liar’s reign end in February?

As I tell my friend who believes demographics are everything; if the citizens of the U.S. are educable, after the last 7 years, Hillary has no chance.

If she wins, I have a sailboat & New Zealand beckons.

    Whether or not the US Citizenry learns from its mistakes is the big question. The problem isn’t the politically educated. Most of them are hard-set in their beliefs (being the 40% of Republicans / Conservatives and the 20% of Democrat / Liberals).

    It’s the Low Information Voters in the middle who are easily swayed by the 15 second sound-byte and no concept of what happened 10 minutes before that are the problem.

Empress Trudy | January 1, 2016 at 1:38 pm

It’ll be like Hitler’s final Nero Order to burn down the nation.

Subotai Bahadur | January 1, 2016 at 2:22 pm

You are assuming that there will be a surrender by the regime like VE day. I think another historical point is likely. I direct your attention to a certain code phrase broadcast during the war:

Blessent mon cœur d’une langueur monotone

    You sound exactly as crazy as all the people who swore Bush wouldn’t go quietly. That is paranoid nonsense and anyone who spouts it should be ashamed of themselves. As of noon on 20-Jan-2017 0bama will not be president. There is nothing he can do to prevent that, even if he wanted to; and there is no evidence that he has even thought of trying.

Ah, I see the countdown to the Feckless legacy tour. But…

Where’s the golf outing counter?

And the national debt counter?

And the Hillary State Department compromised classified email counter?

This lawless freak is going to do as much damage as possible in the next 12 months.

Your countdown only goes to midnight on inauguration day. Here’s a countdown that anyone can paste into their web site or blog, that accurately shows how long he has left:

<iframe frameborder=”0″ width=”120″ height=”35″ style=”background-color:black”

I was told by a lib the other day that Obama will go down as one of our greatest presidents. She apparently didn’t appreciate my spontaneous burst of laughter. At this very moment, there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of people attending a Bernie rally a few miles from my home. I actually hope he wins the nomination.

    Milhouse in reply to Obie1. | January 2, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    I hope so too, because he can’t win the general. Black voters will not turn out for a Jew. But I’m afraid that when Clinton collapses Michelle 0bama will step in to her shoes.