Nashat Milhem, the Israeli Arab gunman who killed two people at cafes in Tel Aviv a week ago and who is believed responsible for killing an Israeli Bedouin cab driver, had been on the run since the shooting.

After a massive manhunt, Milhem was located near his hometown in northern Israel and was killed today by Israeli police.

The Times of Israel reports:

He was located in his hometown Arara area. Initial reports said he had been “neutralized.” It was later confirmed that he had been killed.

He was tracked down to the area where he was hiding out, opened fire on the forces, and was shot dead, Israeli security officials said in a statement. An inaccurate initial report said that he had been shot in a mosque in Umm al-Fahm.
Channel 2 reported that the forces had sought to capture him alive, but were fire upon by Milhem who was using the same weapon he used for last Friday’s shootings.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the security forces for the operation.

The spokesman for the Israeli police tweeted out the news:

It also seems likely that the gunman had help hiding, and there have been arrests:

The big question will be whether the gunman was a so-called lone wolf, part of a domestic cell, or operating for a foreign entity such as ISIS.