In an age when there is zero tolerance for Bill-Clinton-like behavior in the workplace or on campus, Hillary’s participation in the war room against Bill’s female sexual abuse accusers should be a legitimate issue.

Because Hillary has made the (non-existent in fact) Republican War on Women a central focus of her campaign and justification for her candidacy, the Clinton sexual abuse legacy absolutely is and must be put in issue.

I argued in early April 2015 that Republicans Job One was to Teach millennials about the real Hillary:

The reason Hillary is vulnerable on favorability is that the younger generation of voters don’t know the Hillary from the 1990s, the secretive control-freak of Hillarycare, the person who parlayed her husband’s political success into her own financial and law firm stardom, the Rose law firm record hider, the brutal White House bully of Travelgate, and so much more.

And of course, the original War on Women warrior who led the charge against Bill’s paramours….

The real Hillary, the one many of us remember, is nothing like the Hillary of the past few years, with the softened image of the doting grandmother and cell phone hipster….

Hillary has brought on Michelle Obama’s image consultant to remake Hillary. That Hillary needs an image consultant and a multitude of packagers and handlers, after all this time, shows how vulnerable she is.

Republicans need to focus like a laser on Hillary’s weakness, and right now.

The email scandal did move Hillary’s number to the negative.  But with the Clintons, nothing is ever over, and Team Hillary desperately has been trying to reinvent her again. The media focus on all things Trump has helped Hillary in that regard by focusing attention away from her.

Trump, going where few have dared to go, has taken on Bill Clinton’s behavior and Hillary’s connivance.

Whether Republicans like it or not, Bill Clinton is back, and whether Democrats like it or not, so are Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse scandals.

But there’s a right way to raise the issue and there’s a wrong way. If done the wrong way, Republicans play right into the Clintons’ hands and allow Hillary to play victim. Hillary as victim will be the media default.

At a New Hampshire town hall a local Republican politician tried to raise the issue of Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused Bill of rape.  Because it was done as an interruption to the appearance, the media jumped right in, called the questioner a “heckler” and allowed Hillary to be the victim.

This Washington Post report shows the spin:

One day before former president Bill Clinton arrives in New Hampshire to campaign for his wife, Hillary Clinton, she was confronted with questions about allegations involving his sexual history at a town hall meeting in the state on Sunday.

State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien (R) repeatedly interrupted Clinton during the meeting, which was held in a middle school gymnasium.

Prudhomme-O’Brien has for years followed the former first lady, peppering her with questions about allegations of past sexual misconduct by Bill Clinton. The state lawmaker’s outbursts startled an otherwise friendly town hall audience. It is unclear whether Clinton was able to hear her comments.

After Prudhomme-O’Brien’s third interruption, Clinton responded angrily: “You are very rude, and I’m not ever going to call on you.”

Later, Prudhomme-O’Brien told reporters that she wanted to raise the issue of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual misconduct and was incensed by “the hypocrisy of the so-called women fighting for women.”

(video h/t Gateway Pundit)

On her Facebook page O’Brien made an obvious point about Hillary’s hypocrisy:

I understand why some people think this was a great move by O’Brien. At an emotional level, anything that disrupts tightly controlled and contrived Clinton appearances seems satisfying. And at a tactical level, at least the media is talking about the issue.

But I can’t see this as a success.  Hillary got to play victim, and worse, a victim who overcame the bad Republican heckler by being the strong woman.

Relentlessly educate the public about the real Hillary, and why Bill Clinton’s stellar Democratic Party Rock Star creds are no better than Bill Cosby’s stellar TV creds.

But be smart about it. Hillary and her team have played the victim card for too long, and they are too good at it.