This is one of the more unusual campaign closing statements.

Mike Huckabee in the past has had the pulse of Iowa. But he’s been relegated to the undercard debates recently.

So here is a rather “interesting” closing video. It focuses more on the Democrats than his Republican competitors.

[Apparently singer Adele objected to the use of her song, even though sung by someone else, so the ad was taken down.]

What gives?

There are passing screen shots at Ted Cruz, such as this one with Glenn Beck.

Mike Huckabee Iowa Caucus Video Ad Cruz Beck

Maybe the idea is to lump Cruz together with Bernie and Hillary. Or to dissuade Democrats for crossing over and registering as Republicans for the Republican caucuses, thus perhaps lessening turnout for Trump.

And this one playing the Canadian card (it’s preceded on screen by a reference to Czech Village in Cedar Rapid):

Mike Huckabee Iowa Caucus Video Ad Cruz Canadian

Clearly has Cruz on his mind.

(h/t @BuzzFeedAndrew)

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