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Feeling the Bern or the Burn?

Feeling the Bern or the Burn?

Then they came for the pantsuits.

From Carroll,

A seen in Tucson.


Supporter of Bernie Sanders (“Feel the Bern”) or supporter of Republican/Conservative (“Feel the Burn”)?


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Looking at twitter, which I just recently started doing, the Clinton people are out in force. It seems about 20-30% of the tweets I see are about her. Must be a full time job for some folks.

When people think of Clinton:

“liar,” “dishonest,” and “untrustworthy”

That women turns my stomach when I hear her speak!
The word phony comes to my mind with the others

I wonder how he manages to reconcile intrinsic value with resumption of sacrificial rites under the quasi-religious pro-choice doctrine pulled out of the dark fringes of a penumbra.

The gross violation of human rights and scientific integrity under his secular religion, and tactical denigration of individual dignity by the Party with [class] diversity schemes implies that he/they have ulterior motives that are a source of progressive corruption and dysfunction.