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Branco Cartoon – The Shadow Knows

Branco Cartoon – The Shadow Knows

Beyond a Doubt

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legacyrepublican | January 21, 2016 at 8:25 am

How do I say this so the left understands?

In the early 70s, I would have sung “Four dead at Libya”

In the early 90s, I would have put a placard on my desk saying “Its the compound stupid”

And today, I would tweet — #BathroomServersMatter Send Hillary to jail with a photo of this cartoon.

Makes me want to join Twitter.

You even put the Hilda Beast in an orange jumpsuit! Perfect Branco. I’m so grateful you’re on the side of what’s right. Have a blessed day.

As always well done. Bravo.

Took her long enough to trot out the “vast right-wing conspiracy” meme again.

I thought we might never see it again. It makes me nostalgic for my high school days.

Wait, I am not sure that Hillary casts a shadow! Keep at it Mr. B, make ’em cry uncle.

Lamont would be proud!