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Branco Cartoon – Stale

Branco Cartoon – Stale


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And Cruz’s biggest problem is his ineligibility, then there are his many policy contradictions (that crony loan from Goldman Sachs which was never repaid, so is a gift…possibly illegal) AND (most objectionable to me) is his Cuban activism* which betrays his being a Cuban at heart – which is why the founders/authors of Constitution made special pains in Article II to prevent anyone having divided loyalties.

Cubans get benefits and funds at taxpayer expense thanks to Cruz and Rubio…

Cubans retire to Florida – with help from U.S. taxpayers

Cruz on Cubans

Deal paves way for thousands of Cuban immigrants heading to U.S.

U.S. welfare money flows to Cuba – “They’re taking benefits from the American taxpayer to subsidize their life in another country.”

Special treatment – Under U.S. law, Cuban refugees don’t have to be from Cuba

Vote for Cruz or Rubio? – NO WAY Jose’.

    Ragspierre in reply to Uncle Samuel. | January 14, 2016 at 8:52 am

    …from our resident 9/11 Truther…

    consider the source.

      Uncle Samuel in reply to Ragspierre. | January 14, 2016 at 10:15 am

      I’m glad to be called a birther if being for the truth and protecting this nation garners me your perjoratives.

      You are so glad to distort and dilute the plain meaning of Article II and over a century of USSC decisions in order to embrace the new world globalist order, open borders, Islamism, communism, one world currency, global taxes on resources, and of course, population control.

      Aren’t you British anyway?

    Do you actually KNOW any Cuban Americans who fled the Communist takeover of their country? I do, and they’re some of the best, most conservative people I know. They have seen firsthand the damage that Socialism / Communism can do to a society.

    And your assertion that Cruz is not a natural born citizen is just, well, retarded. It’s Trumped-Up-Bullshit is all it is, and it shows how desperate The Donald and the Trumpaloos have become on the eve of the Iowa Caucus. Can’t win the debate on the merits of your positions? Shout and dredge up mud. Why, it almost sounds like a prog strategy. Oh wait….

      ronlankford in reply to Paul. | January 14, 2016 at 11:08 am

      It seems to me that Mr. Trump’s calling out of the Cruz eligibility situation early on in the campaign defuses it as a weapon for the Democrats to use later when it *could* be a problem for Mr. Cruz.

    Uncle Samuel in reply to Uncle Samuel. | January 14, 2016 at 10:10 am

    It’s not that I hate Cubans, it’s just that the US does not need to pay for their move to the US and provide benefits when they live in Cuba much of the year.

    This is IN FACT subsidizing Castro’s failed socialist state through the back door.

    Choosing a relative of Castro to give the Spanish translation of Haley’s speech was a revelation of the state of affairs within the Uniparty.

    Activism on behalf of a foreign country and its citizens is not the duty of a US Senator – it is against our interests.

William F. Buckley said that he occasionally felt the need to cite Austrian ex-communist Willi Schlamm, who said, “The trouble with socialism is socialism. The trouble with capitalism is capitalists.”

Cruz as Trump’s problem:

Captain Ahab Trump is only surface tension on a sea of malcontent…

Tonight Trump will toss out chum – Cruz’ citizenship – to the waiting circle of fish. They will swallow his ‘offering’ in one gulp, never knowing what they are taking in.

Like Obama, Trump is a monomaniacal.

Beside being born in Canada, Cruz also has a problem with failure to report and to repay a Goldman Sachs loan in 2012.

You’re feeding on chum. Again.

Cruz has already explained all of this ‘stuff’ in detail hundredfold times.

Cruz borrowed on margin against his own investment assets. He simply didn’t file w/FEC correctly. No biggie. And, no (four) bankruptcies need to be reported.

Every family has a crazy uncle.

While everyone is so busy trying to brush Cruz’s foreign birth and “dual citizenship” under the rug, they fail to note that Cruz was NOT born just a dual Canadian/American citizen but is also a CUBAN citizen, since his father was a citizen of Cuba.

Cruz did get around to finally giving up his Canadian citizenship in 2014 (YEARS late – that was supposed to be done at age 18) but apparently remains a Cuban citizen.

There is also the question of his Certificate of Birth Abroad, which his mother would have been required to file with the State Department at the time of his birth. That would make him a Naturalized At Birth citizen, not a natural born citizen. BTW, that Certificate of Birth Abroad as issued by the US State Department at the time of Cruz’ birth clearly states on the bottom “Not eligible for the US presidency.” (I know this because I gave birth to a US Citizen abroad.)

And BTW, the “John McCain was born on foreign soil and is natural born” is spurious. He was born in the Panama Canal Zone on a US military base. At the time Panama was a US possession/territory in the same exact way that Puerto Rico and Guam are. John McCain was indeed born in the USA.

I don’t know if Ted Cruz is actually a problem for Trump. Hillary’s definitely the biggest problem for Hillary, though. No one trusts her, no one likes her, they’re only going with her because the only other option is Doc Brown’s insane brother.

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“PPOBLEM”? [In the Hillary caption] It’s not often that one sees “typos” in a cartoon.