Donald Trump has a knack for finding the weakest spot in other candidates.

Trump has eviscerated Jeb with the “low energy” line. It worked because it both fit Jeb’s persona (if not reality) and also was something a lot of people were thinking but not saying. It was a weak spot for Jeb no one knew was coming.

So too, Trump’s zeroing in on Bill Clinton’s serial abuse of women hits a weak spot for Hillary even more so than “low energy” hurt Jeb.

Hillary is going all “War On Women” in her campaign. Yet her husband was the actual War on Women before Democrats reinvented the term.

How do we know it’s a sensitive spot for Hillary? Look at how the media is reacting. No one is saying Trump is wrong, but we get word games such as Clinton “allegedly” having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, a young intern under the control of the most powerful man in the United States:

The NY Times has a lead story about how Ex-Ally Donald Trump Now Heaps Scorn on Bill Clinton, while at CNN Dean Obeidallah nit-picks the term “sexism,” as if Trump questioning Carly Fiorina’s looks is sexism but Bill Clinton physically abusing women is not.

If the Clintons were Republicans, Hillary’s assistance to Bill in attacking women who were abused by Bill would be a disqualifier.

The Clintons have been able to parley attacks on Bills abuse of women into success in the past. Roger Simon writes that this time it may be different:

More importantly, times have changed and morality with it. I don’t think Bill, and certainly Hillary, would want Juanita Broaddrick brought up at a time when, on our campuses, even an unwanted kiss is legally considered rape, thanks to Title IX. Can you imagine how many instances of what is called “unwanted touching” could come out of the woodwork now if Bill started to pick a fight with Trump? It’s hard to imagine Clinton making it through Georgetown or Yale Law under today’s rules, or even through his freshman year.

The truth is Bill’s relationships with women are the product of another era, one that is fading remarkably fast in the rear view mirror. There is little tolerance these days for his kind of behavior — no more winking — not in the USA anyway. Clinton’s well known hypocritical wagging of the finger at the television to swear to us that he “never had sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky” may not have looked terrific back when he did it, but today it would seem downright repellent. Imagine it being played again and again next to a Hillary commercial.

Doubtless Donald Trump has not been a saint, but there is a big difference between him and Bill. The Donald may often be rude. He may be a thin-skinned bloviator. But he’s not a creepy hypocrite. In that sense he’s the opposite of the Clintons, both of them.

Lastly, what if Trump were to raise the Jeffrey Epstein case?…. whoa.

I think only Trump can go there. And he has. Regardless of the outcome of the primary, Trump has put Bill’s serial abuse of women in play.


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