You don’t have to like Republican Presidential hopeful Ben Carson to like his campaign’s new web ad.

“These Hands” began airing Tuesday and unlike contentious political ads, it utilizes positive messaging.

According the CBS News, Carson’s campaign dropped a big chunk of cash for “These Hands.”

The 60-second ad entitled, “These Hands” is slated to air for three weeks in the Iowa and South Carolina broadcast markets and features individuals standing in front of familiar American backdrops like the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” on the Vegas Strip. They have the words “These Hands” printed on their raised palms along with their varied occupations and accomplishments.

What comes as a stark contrast to Carson’s previous ad, entitled “Winning, Not Whining,” where he slammed what he called the “failed tough-talk but do-nothing policies” on Syria of President Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In this ad, he stands silently like the other people, with his palms raised so they form the words, “These Hands Are Working to Heal America.”

Carson campaign spokesman Doug Watts suggests that this “everyday American ad” will resonate with voters because of its unifying message.

“It’s got an appealing human element to it which is the hallmark of Dr. Carson,” said Watts. “It shows the real heroes of America are the people that are everyday Americans that use their hands and wits to make this country great,” he added.

Once battling for the coveted title of “Republican Frontrunner,” Carson is currently polling fourth in the crowded primary heat at just over 13%.

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