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My 10 Favorite College Insurrection Posts of 2015

My 10 Favorite College Insurrection Posts of 2015

Your microaggressions are triggering my safe space.

2015 was a big year in campus news and we covered pretty much all of it at College Insurrection, which makes it difficult to pick just 10 posts so I’m going to focus on stuff that made me laugh.

Here goes:

10. Holyoke College Cancels the ‘Vagina Monologues’ for Not Being Feminist Enough

9. University of Michigan Students Were Questioned About Free Speech — With Alarming Results

8. Liberal Academia Needs The “Old Yeller Treatment”

7. Appalachian State University Publicly Shames ‘Privileged’ Students

6. Oberlin College Choir Creates Brilliant Musical Parody About ‘Triggered’ Students

5. Campus Reform Asks Georgetown Students to End Urinal Privilege

4. UVA’s Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity to Sue Rolling Stone

3. Jerry Seinfeld Says Comedians Are Staying Away From Colleges Because They’re Too PC

2. Watch Millennials Try to Explain the Difference Between Democrats and Socialists

1. New Hampshire College Republicans Hand Out Hillary Proof Scissors to Journalists

It’ll be fun to see what 2016 brings.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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Aleister and CI crew, your ‘microaggressions’ are triggering my laughs. Thanks for the college coverage. You guys are the bee’s knees!

2016 and beyond!

Great work, CI! Enjoyed the articles this year. One article I missed was the Appalachian State article when published. After graduating two kids there over 8 straight years in the ’90s-’00s, my reaction to the RA’s posting about white privilege is this…if you’re looking for a lot of attention for your personally diverse identity, you might not want to consider ASU in the first place. The university ranks #1460 in diversity nationwide.

Not because it’s filled with diversity-hating students. Rather, because as it’s a regional school that sits within the highest mountains on the east coast, and draws students mostly from western NC, a largely mountainous/hilly region, very cold in winter, and overwhelmingly populated by whites. In fact, the school is 86% white, 4% Hispanic, 3% African-American, and 2% Asian. Most of the students attend there because you can mix college with a great outdoor lifestyle, as snowboarding/skiing, hiking, mountain-biking, canoeing/kayaking, backpacking, etc. are right out the back door.

So my advice to the diversity-sensitive applicants to ASU would be this. Forget your identities, and leave them at home. Bring your outdoor gear, and prepare to study hard and play hard. Everyone will be as friendly/accepting as you want them to be.