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LIVE REACTIONS: CNN Republican Presidential Debate

LIVE REACTIONS: CNN Republican Presidential Debate

National security and global terrorism edition

Howdy and thanks so much for joining us tonight!


CNN, host of tonight’s Republican debate, has a lifestream available to here. If you’d prefer to listen, Salem Radio Network is airing the debate here.

Welcome to the main stage! Tonight’s debate will feature…

  • Carly Fiorina
  • Jeb Bush
  • Donald Trump
  • Ben Carson
  • Marco Rubio
  • Ted Cruz
  • Rand Paul
  • John Kasich
  • Chris Christie

Watch real time debate reaction:

To providing a wide array of real time reactions, we’ve included a few different Twitter feeds for your entertainment. You’ll find those beneath.

Legal Insurrection Authors:

Political media reaction:


The highlights:

There was this protester:

Trump thinks Cruz has a good temperament. Or at least he said so on stage:

Rand Paul came fully equipped with a quiver full of cheap shots:

Donald Trump wants to build a wall around parts of the internet:

The Kasich Doctrine: Nose Punches for Commies:

This also happened:

Carson called for a moment of silence that never came:

Carly’s a fighter:

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Kasich hunched over coming out looks like he is a clerk for water department.

Wow Fiorina is like fingernails on chalkboard. Says she should b3 president because she pushed a kid out of her vajay jay.

Bush..blah blah blah

Rubio very good at memorizing talking points but uninspiring.

Cruz pinpoint focus on ISIS and falls in line on Trump positions.

Carson will defeat ISIS because he was brain surgeon. Nice man but no inspiration..

Trump also very good and focused

Trump hits immigration question out of the park

Cruz wisely refuses to engage against Trump. Basically says his plan is Trump’s plan but with a slightly more narrow focus.

Kasich too little too late.

    DuraMater in reply to Gary Britt. | December 16, 2015 at 1:28 am

    Kasich (whose father was a mailman) never was in my book.
    The stage would be oh so better once Kasich and Fiorina are gone (along with Jeb and Marco).

I don’t even have to watch the debate to know how it’s going to go.

CNN is going to ask a few bland questions of Trump and Cruz, and then just ask generic questions of the others.

The fact that they included Kasich, Christie and Paul in this debate tells you that they’re trying to push the narrative of, ‘all of them are stupid conservatives with no ideas’.

They’re just trying to keep Cruz and Trump’s speaking time to a minimum.

Fiorina says Cruz and Rubio not qualified.

Crowd at debate is obviously packed with establishment Bush Rubio people and a bunch of Rand Paul crazies.

Trump was great in calling out crazies (democrats) that booed killing ISIS.

Bush’s desperation is palpable.

Cruz’s answer on whether USA should topple dictators and promote democracy was great yet hardly any applause. Lots of non republicans in crowd.

Kasich rushes to go shoulder to shoulder with Obama on toppling Assad. Guess he didn’t get news about Kerry today.

We could defeat ISIS if we could get them all in a room and force them to listen to Fiorina talk for a couple hours. They would all commit suicide.

Kasich announces we should attack Russia.

Fiorina doubles down on no fly zone and world war 3.

Christie says he would attack Russia with no fly zone.

Paul if you want WW3 vote Christie.

Paul calls out Christie on bridgegate.

Trump unleashes on Jeb. Bush is apoplectic.

Bush realizes last exchange with Trump was very bad for him. He has gone into low energy mode.

Jeb always low energy..

Was He Like this, as ?Gov

    DuraMater in reply to gonzotx. | December 16, 2015 at 1:38 am

    “Was He Like this, as ?Gov”
    No, not really. He did have more spunk and personality. Yep. I voted for him back in the day. Did some good things while in office..but also allowed for the rise of people like Rubio and more of his ilk.

    He , Jeb, has definitely changed in the past few years. Wish he would just go back and hunker down with his wife and keep the rest of his brood in check and out of politics.