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Israelis seize Palestinian rock i-doll

Israelis seize Palestinian rock i-doll

Not funny, actually.

This would be funny, if it didn’t represent a sad reality.

We have focused repeatedly not just on incitement to violence in Palestinian society by the Palestinian Authority leadership, but particularly on the indoctrination of children.

Here is another example, involving both the PA and children.

Israeli customs just seized 4000 dolls being imported to areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority. The dolls idealized rock throwing and had a rock in hand, as reported in The Times of Israel:

Some 4,000 plush toys of rock-throwing men dressed in Palestinian garb were intercepted Tuesday at the Haifa port by Israeli authorities, who said the dolls were headed for the Palestinian Authority and were part of an incitement campaign.

Each toy has its face hidden by a keffiyah, with one arm raised and clutching a tiny toy rock. They hold banners in Palestinian colors proclaiming “Jerusalem is ours” and “Jerusalem we are coming.”

Customs officials found the dolls in a container that arrived from the United Arab Emirates and destined for the Palestinian Authority. According to the accompanying paperwork, the shipment was supposed to be clothing, rugs, and plastic products.

Rock throwing is deadly in itself.

Which is why Bassem Tamimi and others who encourage rock throwing by children are not heroes, not matter how many times they are honored by Amnesty International or Jewish Voice for Peace.

It’s also the gateway drug to the glorification of knifing, and worse.



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This has been going on for decades. We are on at least the third generation of Palestinian children who have been raised to believe that their fate is to be murderers.

But by all means, let’s create another backwards, failed Arab country anyway.