Hillary lives with Bill Clinton.

It’s doubtful there is ANYTHING that could truly shock or dismay her when it comes to frat-boy-like behavior. Or sexual innuendo.

Donald Trump said Hillary got “schlonged” in the 2008 election. Trump’s explanation is that it means to be beaten badly:

Regardless, whether a slang word to be beaten badly, or a Yiddish term for a schlong, there is zero chance Hillary was actually offended or upset. Zero. SHE LIVES WITH BILL CLINTON. She has covered for Bill Clinton’s sexual antics and went after his female victims.

Yet Hillary got teary eyed when talking about campaign bullying later that same day, an obvious reference to Trump’s comment.

The excuse was a child’s statement about people making comments about her asthma behind her back. That child’s personal message was used as a political launching board for Hillary:

It was all a game, a pose for the media. How do we know? Because Hillary has a history.

After she lost Iowa in 2008 to Obama and was far behind in the New Hampshire polls, Hillary got teary eyed at a campaign stop:

After that performance Maureen Dowd in The NY times asked, Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House?. Hillary won New Hampshire in an upset as a result of what Newsweek called Hillary Clinton’s Emotional Moment, but it didn’t win her the White House.

Hillary and her supporters also know how to play the bullied card. They know that works for her.

That’s how Hillary won her 2000 NY Senate race against Rick Lazio. When Lazio crossed the debate stage to hand Hillary a piece of paper, it was portrayed as BULLYING, and it generally is credited with winning the campaign for Hillary:

If there is anything we know about the Clintons, it’s that they will do anything to win. Teary eyes and the bullied card are in the deck. Regardless of who the opponent is.

So to repeat Maureen Dowd’s question, Can Hillary Cry Her Way Back to the White House?

What do you say, Hillary?


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