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Herman Cain Jabs Jeb

Herman Cain Jabs Jeb

“Big talk from Mr. 5.5 percent”

Jeb’s campaign has, by almost all accounts, been a disappointment to donors, to GOP primary voters, to Jeb’s campaign team, and to pretty much everyone who cared in the first place.

Despite this, he continues to talk as if he is the front runner he never really was and hope that at some point others will believe it, too.  Part of this strategy appears to be relying on the questionable claim that this election cycle mirrors that of 2012.

According to the Herald-Tribune, Jeb claims that the current front runners will fall . . . just as Herman Cain did in the 2012 cycle.  They report:

Jeb Bush cited the rise and fall of 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain as he sought to reassure supporters at a Longboat Key fundraiser Monday that their faith in him is well placed.

By noting that Cain led in the polls at this point in 2012 only to flame out, Bush implied that current GOP front-runners Donald Trump and Ben Carson could follow the same path.

“We have plenty of time to persuade” was the message said Bradenton state Sen. Bill Galvano. “They’re not voting tomorrow.”

Herman Cain didn’t take long to respond to this claim and penned an article for his website challenging Jeb.

Cain writes, in part:

Someone should tell Jeb Bush that I’ve accepted an invitation to speak at Donald Trump’s rally this coming Monday in Georgia. I accepted for a simple reason: He asked. But Gov. Bush seems weirdly interested these days in the connection – if only in his own mind – between what he thinks happened to me and what he thinks is going to happen to Trump.

I’ve heard this one before, of course. Herman Cain was leading the 2012 primary race only to “flame out,” and the same thing is going to happen to Trump. This is how Bush tried to reassure disappointed supporters this past Monday, invoking “the fall of Herman Cain”. . . .

I’m sure his supporters were really reassured by this. Hey, don’t worry that I’m way behind and gaining no ground whatsoever, but there was once this one guy who led and didn’t win.

Cain then goes on to discuss the reason for his fall, a story LI also covered.

Cain writes:

So let’s talk about this. In late October 2011, the polls had me leading the Republican race for president with 24 percent. After that, of course, I was the target of accusations that I’ve already explained were complete B.S. . . . . This precipitated my fall in the polls to the point where, by late November, I was in third place and polling at 14 percent. This is when I decided to leave the race because the turn it had taken was imposing too much hardship on my family.

But there’s a reason I bring up these numbers. At the height of my campaign I was in first place at 24 percent. Even when I left the race I was in third place at 14 place. Who am I? A guy who ran a pizza company and had a successful corporate career before hosting a talk show in Atlanta. I was not anonymous but I was hardly famous.

Who is Jeb Bush? He is the former governor of Florida and he has one of the most famous political last names in America. He has more political money behind him than any candidate in this race with the possible exception of Hillary Clinton. And how is he doing in the polls? The current Real Clear Politics average shows him in fifth place at 5.5 percent.

Cain ends with one final piece of—quite good—advice for Jeb:  “if I were to give Jeb Bush a piece of advice – not that he probably thinks he needs any from me – it would be to focus on coming up with a rationale for a Jeb Bush presidency. To date, I haven’t heard one that’s got many people very excited. And to judge from the polls, 94.5 percent of Republican primary voters agree with me.”


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JEB! must be in huuuuuuuuuge trouble if he brings up Herman Cain. Here in Florida the governor is sending out mailers to Republican voters where he has a detailed plan to defeat ISIS ( and there are rumors (a whisper campaign) against Sen. Rubio being unfaithful to his wife. Amazing to see how this one time popular governor has become so unpopular here in his “home” state.

It is hard to find any Republican where I live want a Bush nomination or a Bush presidency.

    holdingmynose in reply to natdj. | December 1, 2015 at 8:43 am

    Jeb! was an OK governor, but this country does not need an hereditary Presidential dynasty.

    It is hard to find any Republican where I live want a Bush nomination or a Bush presidency.

    Oh, I know a few. Mainly the Country Club Republican & Doctors Wives types. In another era, in another land, I think they’d be Monarchists. That type.

      Many state elected officials are endorsing JEB!. The rank and file are not. The most interesting endorsement for JEB! is from Rep. Richard Corcoran, who was Rubio’s Chief of Staff when he was speaker. Corcoran is the next speaker of the Florida House and will rule with an iron fist. It is my understanding that you never cross him and remain friends. I wonder if Sen. Rubio did?

I would happily vote for Cain over Jeb.

Bitterlyclinging | December 1, 2015 at 9:20 am

2012 similarity?
Cain couldn’t handle the withering, venomous anti Conservative MSM full court press assault, wilted, threw in the towel and left. Trump has.

    Meanwhile, Trump fans have a fit when anyone in conservative media dares to point out any of Trump’s liabilities or contradictions. They tell us that Trump is a big, fearless, anti-PC straight-talker who can take anything dished out to him — and then they tell us that it’s wrong, wrong, wrong to say unflattering things about him.

    This cultish effort to shield Trump from scrutiny emerged as soon as he announced, and now there are Trump fans invoking his frontrunner status to try to put any criticism off-limits. When did that become a rule of primaries?

funny this info never got broadcast of fox who I think was complicit

Expect them to face each other on Jerry Springer next week.

“We have plenty of time to persuade” was the message said Bradenton state Sen. Bill Galvano. “They’re not voting tomorrow.”

Team Jeb is fooling itself if it believes that. The only people I know who support Jeb have supported him since before he even declared. He’s already got all the supporters he’s ever going to get, unless Kasich or Christie drop out and he hoovers up their minuscule followings.

The majority of people I know who support other candidates vary in their enthusiasm for Cruz, Rubio, Carson and Trump, but one thing almost all of them have in common is that they will absolutely positively never switch their allegiance over to Jeb (or Christie, or Kasich). If their preferred candidate drops out, they’ll end up aligning (with various degrees of nose-holding) with their second, or third, or even fourth choice. But for all but the small band of rusted-on Bushites, there’s really a strong Anyone-But-Jeb vibe out there and I can’t see that changing.

    And the Bush campaign has not realized that everytime there is an announcement of support from a state senator or a state representative his numbers will continue to drop. The Florida legislature is less popular than Gov. Scott and the Bush campaign brings out people like Sen. Galvano? What are they thinking.

    I agree about Republican voters who vary in their enthusiasm. You are right that JEB! just won’t be getting our vote.

    I think the Bush campaign is looking at this when he ran for re-election for governor against Bill McBride. McBride was leading early on but the Bush people waited for him to look like a buffoon (which he did) and then went on to win. This strategy now is not working.

We have more than 300M people in this county, and the Republican party has a fine, large class of candidates. There is no reason why we should make a political dynasty out of this.

Jeb Bush, Him dead and don’t even know it. People don’t like him. There is something about him that isn’t likable. He also is one who would open the Immigration Doors. His family are some of the people promoting the UN ” One World Order.” Trump, is a BIG Threat to the ” Good Old Boy’s Club.” The Lobbyists are scheming how to get him out of the way. I hope he has good ” Bodyguards.”