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Delusional Demands Week at College Insurrection

Delusional Demands Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly dispatch from the world of higher education.

College protesters across the nation think they’re in a position to make demands for some reason.

Racial strife is an ongoing issue.

So is this…

We also have a free speech problem.

This is quite a contrast, isn’t it?

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Featured image is a screen cap from The Daily Signal.


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Poster in the leading image: “End Student Debt – Vote Bernie”. Oh, brother, that’s funny!

Do they not see the irony of supporting another Left-wing kook who has helped to spend us all into debt to the tune of > $150k/household, nearly $60k/individual? How does a student loan stack up against that amount?

No, they do not. They don’t know the difference, yet. What they do know is that there are droves of them facing ever-larger debt for going to college, and they want to go to college, because any more, a bachelor’s will get you the kind of job that used to require a high school diploma.

And they are worried that, if they get sick, they can’t pay for it.

Bernie is speaking to this, and as far as they know, he is the only candidate to do so.

The Repub candidates could pick them up, again in droves, by showing how we could reduce the cost of learning, by deliberate application of online methods, with which they are all very familiar.

Private enterprise has already begun to do this. The Khan Academy is an example.

It would be very useful to have a Republican speak out about changing our education and accreditation system so that young people do not have to graduate from college so deeply in debt.

Considering they get marching orders from the Obama White House, of course they think they’re in a good position to make demands.