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Branco Cartoon – Miss Fortune

Branco Cartoon – Miss Fortune

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Hah! I love those “smoke and “mirror” buttons.

I see Obama’s future: out of office in thirteen months and with a legacy of the absurd.

John Kerry would say that climate change deniers disqualify themselves from being political cartoonists.

99% of fortune tellers, hucksters, and snake oil salesman agree climate change is man-made. Now cut them a check so they can fix it!

Sure they take credit cards.

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Nailed. It. AGAIN!

It’s not just for him to get the do-ray-me-money, though. It’s to redistribute it away from those who have “too much” to give to those who haven’t earned it……….or refused to do what it takes to achieve success and financial affluence.

Smoke and mirrors, indeed. I can definitely see him taking over as leader of the UN…….

Just how phony the White House (actually, it’s the people living there) is on this…

Fun with…and deception by…charts.

Amazing what you can get by stupid people…or the government educated. There’s a Venn diagram somewhere that has a sizable overlap…

Char Char Binks | December 14, 2015 at 10:56 am

Environmentalism must be Obama’s actual religion.

    No, he doesn’t actually believe in it. He certainly doesn’t behave as if he believed in it. It’s just a useful tool to achieve his political objectives. If the obvious “solution” to global warmening were less government control, your head would spin with the speed at which the lefties would abandon the cause.

What’s cool about this toon is that you could change the crystal ball to show a Trump campaign button and the rest of it would still be right.

Well, maybe not completely right but close.

Another cartoon destined to be a classic. Good show Branco. And might I add, it was the world’s great misfortune when this angel of death was born and hoisted upon all unsuspecting fools as yet another false messiah.

Wait a gosh darn minute! Isn’t purple supposed to represent royalty?? Pretty slick Mr. B!