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As expected, San Bernardino terrorists were true believers

As expected, San Bernardino terrorists were true believers

Mr. Terrorist was “Obsessed” with the Destruction of Israel, too.

A few more details are emerging concerning the San Bernardino terrorists.

The Times of Israel reports that Syed Rizwan Farook, the male terrorist killed trying to run away from the carnage he and his wife created, was “obsessed” with Israel and unwilling to wait the two years his father estimated it would take for Israel to cease to exist.

In Sunday’s La Stampa … report, Farook said, “My son said that he shared [IS leader Abu Bakr] Al Baghdadi’s ideology and supported the creation of the Islamic State. He was also obsessed with Israel.”

“I told him he had to stay calm and be patient because in two years Israel will not exist any more. Geopolitics is changing: Russia, China and America don’t want Jews there any more. They are going to bring the Jews back to Ukraine. What is the point of fighting? We have already done it and we lost. Israel is not to be fought with weapons, but with politics. But he did not listen to me, he was obsessed,” Farook explained to US correspondent Paolo Mastrolilli.

The father, who goes by the same first and last name, Syed Farook was born in Pakistan and arrived in the U. S. in 1973.  The Time of Israel continues:

Farook told La Stampa how, once in the US, he got a degree in engineering and started to work hard to guarantee his children “an education and the opportunity to succeed in life.”

Other reports told a more nuanced story: Farook split from his wife Rafia, also Pakistan-born, who filed for divorce in 2006 and, according to The New York Times, said her husband was violent and an alcoholic and beat her and the children.

In the La Stampa interview, Farook denied the accusations, saying that “Rizwan’s mother is very religious, as he was, and they united against me. Once we had a dispute over the historical figure of Jesus. My son called me a godless person and he decided that my marriage with my wife had to end,” he recalled. “They destroyed the family.”

Farook declared himself in complete despair and disbelief over what his son allegedly did. His daughters, Rizwan’s sisters, told The New York Times that they had seen no warning signs.

In addition to this information, we are also learning that the terrorist couple were rigging their home-made bombs with Christmas tree lights.

The New York Times reports:

Among the components investigators seized from the couple’s house were items common to the manufacture of pipe bombs but also “miniature Christmas tree lamps.” A recent issue of Inspire, an online magazine published by an arm of Al Qaeda, included an article, “Designing a Timed Hand Grenade,” with step-by-step instructions for making a delayed igniter with a Christmas tree lamp.

This must be popular reading among Islamic radicals bent on the slaughter of innocents because the Boston bombers also used Christmas tree lights in their bombs.

According to CNN, ISIS is claiming that the San Bernardino terrorists were “supporters” of ISIS.  This apparently differs from members of the caliphate in some way.

ISIS on Saturday hailed the two people who massacred 14 people in Southern California this week as “supporters” of the terror group — a message that came after U.S. investigators said they suspect one of the shooters professed loyalty to the Islamist network.

The terror group’s official Iraq-based station made the declaration following Wednesday’s San Bernardino shooting that also left 21 injured, but — notable for a group quick to claim attacks — did not say the couple were members or that ISIS was responsible.

Tashfeen Malik and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, sprayed bullets at Farook’s co-workers at a holiday party for the environmental health department in San Bernardino before being gunned down in a shootout with authorities the same day.

“We pray to God to accept them as martyrs,” ISIS’ al-Bayan Radio declared Saturday.

Apparently, no one has any idea at all what could have possibly motivated these radical Islamist terrorists who pledged allegiance to ISIS seconds before they began slaughtering unarmed civilians.

CNN continues:

The couple’s motivation for the attack is a key focus for investigators. But ISIS’ acknowledgment of Malik and Farook as supporters doesn’t mean they were members or that someone from the group ordered it, said retired Air Force Lt. Col. Rick Francona, a CNN military analyst and a former intelligence officer.

In related news, Hillary has explained to This Week host George Stephanopoulos that she won’t say “radical Islam” because “it doesn’t do justice to good Muslims.”

Mediaite reports:

“The problem is, that sounds like we are declaring war against a religion. That to me is number one, wrong,” said Clinton. “It doesn’t do justice to the vast numbers of Muslims in our own country and around the world who are peaceful people.”

The presidential candidate added, “It helps to create this clash of civilizations that is actually a recruiting tool for ISIS and other radical jihadists.”

The horrible irony here is that, so far, only the Obama administration and Democrats are lumping all Muslims together with this twisted logic.  The longer they insist on not making a distinction between the radical Islamists who have clearly stated that they wish to kill everyone—Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, atheist, everyone—who does not adhere to their radical, violent, and (yes, I will say it) evil ideology, the more likely it is that the distinction itself will evaporate in the minds of Americans and those of the world’s non-ISIS population.

Maybe they realize this and that’s why Loretta Lynch’s biggest fear in the (now nonexistent) war on terror is Americans’ freedom of speech?


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When we went to war against Imperial Japan, we were not at war with Shinto, and our fathers and mothers managed to conduct themselves very nicely in a full-tilt war without blurring that distinction.

Collectivists, like Jihadiis, are “people of the lie”, and they HAVE to maintain delusions, or “magical thinking”.

    “people of the lie”
    On some comment somewhere I read the author tried to say Hebrews, Christians and muslims were all “people of the book”.

    “People of the lie” indeed – From the quotes I read I think Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams and Winston Churchill would whole heartedly agree with you.

    And humbled by the company I keep, so do I.

      Hi Betty, when you say “the author,” do you mean me? If so, I certainly never used the phrase “people of the book” (nor do I subscribe to the notion that all religions’ God or gods are the same being). I’m a bit confused here. 🙂

American Human | December 7, 2015 at 10:11 am

I looked up “Farook” in the English/Arabic dictionary and Rush Limbaugh is right, it does mean Global Warming!!

I wrote a very long time ago that Obama could be a hero if he could manage to make the distinction between jihad (religious struggle) and hirabah (unholy war). He hasn’t done it yet, nor has he shown any sign of recognizing that all of the major schools of Islamic thought have rejected the terrorist position.

Indeed, as a practical matter, he has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, the father of all the ugly terrorist groups, including the Daesh. The Egyptian warned him of this, because they know these people, but he did not listen.

Recognizing that some people are using their religion as a means of oppression is necessary when it happens. Otherwise, religion turns into a force for evil in this world.

    Radegunda in reply to Valerie. | December 7, 2015 at 11:33 am

    Every major school of Islamic jurisprudence regards jihad primarily as “holy war,” not a spiritual struggle. Holy war is supported by the orthodox command to fight the “infidels” until they “feel themselves subdued” and until no other religion exists on earth.

    Fourteen centuries of history demonstrate that aggressive jihad has been the main engine of Islamic expansion and a central part of Islamic belief. A large percentage of Muslims worldwide believe that Allah commands the killing of “blasphemers” and “apostates.”

    Evil and oppression are written into the core doctrines of Islam, which is why so many people have been inspired to “use” it to justify evil and oppression. To suggest that acknowledging this fact somehow bears on “religion” in general — including religions whose doctrines are the polar opposite — is certainly not helpful in addressing the particular problem of violence inspired and justified by Islam.

American Human | December 7, 2015 at 10:14 am

Hillary’s right, only a small percentage, maybe 10% of Muslims aroung the world are radical. That’s maybe only 160,000,000. So what’s the problem?

If they had been going online and reading ISIS literature, especially bomb making instructions, I would think that somebody in the NSA would have picked up on it. But it has been mentioned that neither of the shooters were on any lists. Even their overseas travels didn’t put up any red flags. They didn’t do this on their own. Somebody gave them the instructions. Somebody helped them purchase the bomb making supplies and ammunition. Somebody helped them assemble those bombs. Somebody met with them after the shooting and took the GoPro camera and video. And these were probably the same somebodies who were seen hanging around their house the last few weeks by neighbors who were too PC to question their purpose. They did not do this on their own but the public will never know because even if they find a cell terrorists living quietly in suburban neighborhoods, Obama will never admit it because it doesn’t fit his script. It’s not his destiny so it will remain a secret to history.

The Yahoo front page has had a headline the past couple of days saying that these monsters had become “more devout.” Interesting choice of words. Don’t they mean “radicalized?” More devout suggests that the most devout Muslims will engage in jihad, while the not-quite-so-faithful will remain content to enjoy western civilization and all the trimmings. Let Rush or Donald or Cruz suggest that the most devout Muslims engage in jihad and see the fallout.

    Radegunda in reply to windbag. | December 7, 2015 at 11:48 am

    This has become a pattern: Relatives and acquaintances say that the terrorist had recently become “more religious”: growing a beard (or wearing a face-covering jihab), performing all the daily (infidel-cursing) prayers, attending the mosque more often, avoiding parties and music, memorizing the Koran, etc.

    These are all basic aspects of normative Islamic practice. And becoming more serious about these normative Islamic observances somehow correlates with being more inclined to commit violence against “infidels.”

    This doesn’t square with the insistence that terrorists are merely “using” their religion in a perverted way. On the contrary, they are violent because they really believe in Islam.

      Radegunda in reply to Radegunda. | December 7, 2015 at 12:53 pm

      Also, the notion that people are merely “using” Islam for some evil purpose that’s extrinsic to the creed is difficult to square with the fact that so many Islamic terrorists aim to be killed themselves while they’re killing infidels.

      Are they all just suicidal people who want to go out in spectacular fashion? There are such people, but usually we can find mental illness and/or psychotropic drugs in their recent history.

      When we can’t find those factors but we do see indications of strong Islamic devotion, Ockham’s razor provides a simpler answer: They believe the orthodox Islamic doctrine that dying in the process of killing infidels in order to assert the dominance of Islam is the one sure path to paradise.

      It really isn’t difficult to understand. We gain no security by saying it’s a “perversion” of Islam when so many Muslims have good reason to see it as authentic Islam, and when we as “infidels” have no power to change their minds about it.

“More devout suggests that the most devout Muslims will engage in jihad,…”

Should read more: ” More devout suggests that the most devout Muslims will engage in HUMAN SACRIFICE to their FALSE god.

These Cowardly Muslims, only attack ” Soft Targets.” These two creaps went back to the ” Homeland,” before they attacked people who couldn’t defend themselves. The Boston Marathon Bombers went back to their ” Home Town,” before they Sneak Attacked innocent people. The ALL follow the teaching the Koran. It teaches to kill all Non-Believers, Lie if necessary. That is what they all do, including our LEADER.

I didn’t hear Oblamo or the MsM talk about the BOMBS, that they used. Is the NRA responsible for the BOMBS ? Is Obama going to outlaw Bombs ? ( Oh, yes )