I haven’t paid enough attention to the student protests and demands at various schools.

Though I’ve paid some attention, such as the events at Yale and Brandeis and Mizzou.

But I missed the Wesleyan University Is This Why? student protest website.

(Note – I added the yellow highlighting to the image below. That highlighting has no hidden meaning.)


The Demands include:


By November 30th, 2015: Report on how student input will be integrated into the formation of an anonymous student reporting system for cases of bias, including microaggressions, perpetrated by faculty and staff.

By Spring, 2016: Revision of end of semester professor evaluations to include a section dedicated for reporting classroom biases, including microaggressions, perpetrated by instructors.

David Sessions, a Ph.D. student in History at Boston College, correctly assesses the situation as a demand for totalitarianism:


You would be mistaken if you thought these demands are from an isolated group on campus. Read the list of signatories, which includes dozens of campus groups.

Since I don’t work at Wesleyan, I would not be subjected to such a system.

But even if I were, I’d still use the term “(seriously)” in the title to this post. Which is a major microaggression, and intended to be so.


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